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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Global Pew survey: Climate change top worry followed by economic instability and ISIS

People in nearly half the nations polled in a new report cited climate change as their top concern, while many countries, particularly in North America, Europe and the Middle East, picked the militant Islamic State of Iraq and Syria as their biggest worry.

New report argues for narrowing role of nuclear weapons in US policies, diplomacy and forces

The report recognizes that nuclear weapons are "indispensable" to deter other nations from attacking the U.S. and allies with such weapons, but offer no other advantage over U.S. conventional military superiority.

GAO: Better R&D process needed to bridge nuclear smuggling detection, interdiction gaps

Analysis found that DHS's Domestic Nuclear Detection Office has shortfalls in its documentation procedures, making it difficult to understand how well its R&D investments are addressing the gaps in the government's global nuclear detection architecture.

NNSA should remain within Energy Department despite overlap with other agencies, says panel

As National Nuclear Security Administration laboratories shift away from a focus on nuclear projects and undertake more assignments from other agencies to address broader national security concerns, a larger debate over their governance has also emerged.

New report examines nuclear weapons materials that have gone missing

Despite a greater focus on nuclear terrorism as a top threat to international security, a new report tries to shed light on nuclear weapons materials that have gone missing – an area that has gotten very little scrutiny.

Audit: Systems used for reporting, fixing issues at nuclear weapons plant need improvement

Systems developed to identify and correct problems at a U.S. nuclear weapons plant are generally working, but an internal Energy Department audit found certain aspects could be improved by the new contractor now managing the facility.  

IG: Space-based sensors being developed to detect nuclear detonations needs greater oversight

The Energy Department inspector general said it could not independently validate whether space-based sensors being developed to detect nuclear detonations globally will be delivered on time and on budget to the Air Force.

DoD: Budget constraints mean military "will accept risk" in countering WMDs

The new Defense Department strategy for countering weapons of mass destruction reflects how even the military's most critical missions are subject to the realities of an era of limited budgets. The strategy, released June 30, replaces a counter-WMD strategy that the department published eight years ago.

DOE 'exacerbated' lax safety culture tied to nuclear waste accident

Independent investigators within the Energy Department blame the department for worsening the safety culture at a nuclear waste facility where radioactive material leaked into the environment in February.

Federal prosecutors charge three in chemical weapon lab sales to Syria

Federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment Wednesday against three men accused of illegally exporting laboratory equipment to Syria since 2003.