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Latest Headlines

IG: Space-based sensors being developed to detect nuclear detonations needs greater oversight

The Energy Department inspector general said it could not independently validate whether space-based sensors being developed to detect nuclear detonations globally will be delivered on time and on budget to the Air Force.

DoD: Budget constraints mean military "will accept risk" in countering WMDs

The new Defense Department strategy for countering weapons of mass destruction reflects how even the military's most critical missions are subject to the realities of an era of limited budgets. The strategy, released June 30, replaces a counter-WMD strategy that the department published eight years ago.

DOE 'exacerbated' lax safety culture tied to nuclear waste accident

Independent investigators within the Energy Department blame the department for worsening the safety culture at a nuclear waste facility where radioactive material leaked into the environment in February.

Federal prosecutors charge three in chemical weapon lab sales to Syria

Federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment Wednesday against three men accused of illegally exporting laboratory equipment to Syria since 2003.

Democratic lawmakers criticize CFATS authorization bill

Democratic lawmakers on the House Homeland Security Committee raised misgivings about the CFATS reauthorization bill during a subcommittee hearing on the newly proposed legislation.

Y-12 penetrators sentenced to 3 or more years in federal prison

Three anti-nuclear protestors who in 2012 broke into the Y-12 National Security Complex, including a now 84-year-old nun, received sentences ranging from nearly three years to more than five years during a Feb. 18 hearing at the federal court in Knoxville, Tenn.

CFATS likely to accumulate a new inspection backlog

A limited size inspector cadre for the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards program means that the Homeland Security Department may be supposed to start re-inspecting chemical facilities for security plan compliance before it has finished the work of conducting the first round of inspections on all regulated facilities, says the Congressional Research Service.

Nuclear security rankings show progress

Seven countries have removed all or most of their weapons-usable nuclear materials since the beginning of 2012--Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico, Sweden, Ukraine and Vietnam--says the Nuclear Threat Initiative.

Radioactive material thieves in Mexico likely unwitting- UPDATED

Whoever stole a truck carrying radioactive material in Mexico Dec. 2 probably did not know what was inside, said experts on terrorism and smuggling from the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism.

CFATS reauthorized through Jan. 15

The continuing resolution that funds the government through Jan. 15 restored the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards program, continuing both its existence and doubts about its long-term stability. Congress first directed the Homeland Security Department in the fiscal 2007 DHS appropriations bill (P.L. 109-295) to establish a chemical facility counterterrorism security regulation program, and hasn't since authorized CFATS into law through its own statute.