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Latest Headlines

The Postal Service isn't stockpiling ammunition

The Postal Service is the latest federal agency to come under conspiracy-minded allegations of stockpiling ammunition – leading an agency spokesman to issue a debunking statement. "The Postal Service is not hoarding ammunition," USPS spokesman Dave Partenheimer said in a April 21 blog post.

GAO: VA Denver facilities costs doubled since 2004

Construction costs for a major veteran medical facility in Denver have nearly doubled and the opening of the facility has been pushed back more than a year because of changes in the scope of the project, an April 22 Government Accountability Office report says. The Denver Veterans Affairs Department medical center was supposed to cost about $328 million when construction started in 2004, but as of November 2012 that number increased to $800 million, the report says.

IRS customer service wait times doubled since 2009

In fiscal 2014, through March 15, the average time that callers waited to reach an IRS representative was 16.8 minutes. For fiscal 2009 in its entirety, callers waited 8.8 minutes on average.

USPS doesn't know how many historic buildings it has or how much it costs to preserve them

The Postal Service doesn't know how many historic properties it holds or the cost to preserve those properties, find auditors. The Postal Service was unable to compile a list of the historic properties it owns when the USPS inspector general asked for it in preparation of an April 16 report (pdf).

More than half of likely voters think government is a threat to liberty

More than half see the government as a threat to individual liberty and only about 20 percent of people think it will do the right thing most of the time, an April 18 Rasmussen poll says. The 56 percent of likely voters seeing the government as a threat lines up with the same Rasmussen poll taken last November, but is up from 46 percent at the end of 2012.

Federal prison population exceeds the space to house it, CRS says

The federal prison system population now exceeds the space available to house and maintain it, a Mar. 4 Congressional Research Report says. "The annual growth in the federal prison population has outstripped the BOP's prison capacity, resulting in overcrowding in the federal prison system," the report (pdf) says.

DoD system still showing contractors fired for misconduct as elegible for security clearance, IG says

When contractor employees accused of misconduct are fired or quit before DoD makes judgement, the system that records the adjudication still shows them as eligible for security clearance, a DoD inspector general report says.

Independent tax preparers made significant errors and IRS can't regulate them, GAO says

Independent tax return preparers made a lot of mistakes on individuals' returns in 2011 and the Internal Revenue Service has little authority to regulate those tax return preparers, an April 8 Government Accountability Office report says.

SEC financial system went live with security issues

An important Securities and Exchange Commission financial system went live last summer before a contractor completed necessary security tasks, a report from the Government Accountability Office says. Auditors don't specify the "key financial system" or the required security tasks in an April 17  report, which says the SEC neglected to scrutinize its contractor's work.

Lawmakers: DoD, HHS bioterror programs redundant

Last October, the DoD began construction of a 30 acre complex for medical countermeasure manufacturing in Alachua, Fla., near Gainesville. It expects to complete the facility by the end of fiscal 2015.  But HHS already runs three manufacturing facilities for medical countermeasures, which are vaccines and medicines for possible pandemics or bioterror attacks.