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Latest Headlines

Archuleta keeps breach numbers close to the vest, has federal CIO's support

During the last of three congressional hearings held last week to address data breaches at the Office of Personnel Management, OPM Director Katherine Archuleta held her ground in refusing to peg a final number on compromised records.

Two Interior Dept.-run schools don't have proper safety plans in place, IG says

The Interior Department's inspector general found that safety measures protecting students and staff in two schools on reservations in Florida and South Dakota are not adequate.

GAO: DHS steps help small business gain more contracting opportunities, but more data needed

The department issued 74 EAGLE II task orders, almost all of which was issued to small businesses. But the $591 million in orders represent only 3 percent of the strategic sourcing program's potential $22 billion value.

$43M parked for benefits outreach never used at VA, IG says

The Veterans Affairs Department left $43 million unspent for three years that was supposed to go to benefits outreach for veterans, says a June 17 VA inspector general report.

Official: DHS has authority to order agencies to bolster network security, but no stick to enforce

The Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014 authorizes DHS to assist the Office of Management and Budget with managing and monitoring implementation of security requirements by agencies and providing them with operational and technical assistance, among other activities.

DoD moves forward with plan to continuously evaluate personnel with security clearances

The Defense Department is moving forward with a program to evaluate military, civilian and contractor personnel with security clearances to see if they are actually eligible for those clearances, says a June 24 post by government transparency expert Steven Aftergood.

House Homeland Security Committee releases new monthly snapshot of terror threats

There have been two dozen plots linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria against Western targets in the first half of this year, up from 19 over the entire course of last year, according to the new monthly feature.

Senate committee approves bill to curb federal employee charge card abuse

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee approved a bill today that is meant to curb federal employee charge card abuse.

FCC leverages 'the opportunity of consolidation' to drive modernization

What began as an effort to improve governance and assess the security risk of the Federal Communications Commission's information technology systems quickly became an opportunity to consolidate and reduce costs through IT modernization.

SIGAR: Afghan government may have bilked millions in education aid from USAID

A federal auditor monitoring the United States' progress rebuilding Afghanistan says Afghan officials may have doctored school enrollment figures to bilk money from the federal government.