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Latest Headlines

Unaccompanied Coast Guard cutter reaches North Pole in historic scientific expedition

The boat, which is typically ported in Seattle, carried 145 people to the Arctic for a National Science Foundation-funded expedition in support of GEOTRACES, an international project that seeks to better understand the world's oceans.

New study says toxic blue-green algae blooms are major risk to recreational and drinking water

Scientists from Oregon State University and University of North Carolina said that the algae, known as cyanobacteria, are also poorly monitored. State and federal regulators don't require testing for the algal blooms nor is reporting required of diseases related to it, they said.

Pentagon report spells out global climate change risks as national security issue

Climate change is a security risk and will exacerbate poverty, environmental degradation, social tensions, ineffectual leadership and weak political institutions, threatening the stability of several countries, according to the Defense Department.

NASA: Heat-trapping Pacific, Indian oceans explain pause in upward surface temperature trend

NASA researchers analyzed ocean temperatures from a global network of 3,500 probes, which shows that temperatures below surface have been increasing. The Pacific Ocean is the main source of the warm water, but some of that now is being pushed into the Indian Ocean.

Kansas school district awarded $50M in disaster funds without open competition, DHS audit finds

The DHS inspector general said it deferred to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's decision that the costs were "fair and reasonable for the work performed" under government regulations that allow for exceptions, but there were better options.

Action on global warming now could have significant benefits for US, new EPA report says

Countering global warming through greenhouse gas reduction could have significant economic, health and environmental benefits, including saving thousands of lives and avoiding billions of dollars on infrastructure maintenance and damage costs.

Defense Department continues to update plans to protect US interests in Arctic region, GAO says

As melting sea ice opens once blocked portions of the Arctic to commerce, the Defense Department is stepping up efforts to support other federal agencies' activities in the region as well as update plans and future needs.

High-ranking US Southern Command official says drug interdiction efforts could be in peril

A U.S. joint military task force's progress in detecting, monitoring and stopping illicit drug trafficking from South America, Central America and the Caribbean could be in "jeopardy" due to defense cutbacks and limited resources.

Coast Guard largely making progress in mitigating risks to acquire new cutters, IG says

An internal audit says that the Coast Guard is making progress in reducing acquisition risks of more than two dozen offshore patrol cutters, but it's still too early to tell whether the service has fully implemented two risk mitigation recommendations that were previously made by the inspector general.

Audit: Missed risk assessments could impact CBP's commercial trade processing system

The Automated Commercial Environment program is expected to collect and process data submitted by the international trade community, giving the federal government a better ability to assess risks of cargo coming into the country and facilitate smoother operations at U.S. ports.