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Latest Headlines

New TSA administrator addresses agency's failures, low morale and future of airport security

House lawmakers this week grilled the new head of the Transportation Security Administration, an agency beset with problems such as serious screening and security lapses at airport checkpoints, low morale, and faulty equipment, among other challenges. But they also called Peter Neffenger a "breath of fresh air."

House OKs bill, restricting funds for 'sanctuary cities' not complying with immigration laws

The bill was introduced after the July 1 killing of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco. She was allegedly shot by a Mexican national previously convicted of seven felonies and deported five times, mostly for narcotics charges.

GAO: DoD taking steps to protect against insider threats, but more info sharing, oversight needed

The Defense Department is stepping up efforts to protect resources and people against internal threats following high-profile shootings over the past six years at Fort Hood and Washington Navy Yard, but isn't consistently sharing information that could further enhance protection.

Feds say Islamic State terrorists targeting law enforcement for weapons, gear to further attacks

The one-page Roll Call Release reported there were at least two instances in which the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria inspired individuals to steal weapons or other specialized gear from law enforcement officials.

House panel unanimously OKs bill creating countering violent extremism office within DHS

The legislation is in response to what some government officials are saying is a new wave of domestic terrorism, including plots and attacks by lone wolves inspired by the the terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or by white supremacists such as the recent attack on a South Carolina church that killed nine black people.

Federal judge rules mother of Mexican teen killed by Border Patrol agent can continue civil lawsuit

Attorneys for the Border Patrol agent, Lonnie Swartz, had argued that José Antonio Elena Rodríguez was not protected under the U.S. Constitution because he was a Mexican citizen on Mexican soil at the time of the shooting.

DHS IG: NPPD's lack of law enforcement authority could hinder internal criminal probes

The Homeland Security Department's inspector general issued two dozen recommendations aimed at improving the directorate's internal affairs divison, including getting the appropriate law enforcement authority to conduct such investigations.

New internal DHS report says measures needed to probe CBP corruption, use-of-force policies

The Homeland Security Advisory Council subcommittee report presented recommendations aimed at improving investigations into alleged corruption at CBP, but also said the agency's use-of-force policy guidelines need to revised.

DHS watchdog questions $67M in New York state, NYC spending of homeland grants

The audit from the department's inspector general focused on $725 million awarded to the state and city through the Homeland Security Grant Program from fiscal years 2010 through 2012. 

US law enforcement says anti-government violence is gravest threat, new survey reveals

The survey said 74 percent of respondents listed anti-government extremism as their top concern, followed by 39 percent for Qaeda-linked extremism, 33 percent for environmental extremism and 24 percent for racist violent extremism.