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Latest Headlines

New internal DHS report says measures needed to probe CBP corruption, use-of-force policies

The Homeland Security Advisory Council subcommittee report presented recommendations aimed at improving investigations into alleged corruption at CBP, but also said the agency's use-of-force policy guidelines need to revised.

DHS watchdog questions $67M in New York state, NYC spending of homeland grants

The audit from the department's inspector general focused on $725 million awarded to the state and city through the Homeland Security Grant Program from fiscal years 2010 through 2012. 

US law enforcement says anti-government violence is gravest threat, new survey reveals

The survey said 74 percent of respondents listed anti-government extremism as their top concern, followed by 39 percent for Qaeda-linked extremism, 33 percent for environmental extremism and 24 percent for racist violent extremism.

High-ranking US Southern Command official says drug interdiction efforts could be in peril

A U.S. joint military task force's progress in detecting, monitoring and stopping illicit drug trafficking from South America, Central America and the Caribbean could be in "jeopardy" due to defense cutbacks and limited resources.

Texas man who jumped White House fence, ran into mansion last September gets 17 months in prison

Omar Gonzalez, 43, pleaded guilty March 13 on two federal offenses, including one count of unlawfully entering a restricted building while carry a deadlly weapon – in this case a folding knife – and one count of assaulting or resisting a federal officer. 

FBI official calls for legal remedy to access encrypted communications in House hearing on terrorism

A senior FBI counterterrorism official emphasized the need for federal law enforcement officials to have the capability to legally access encrypted devices without the use of backdoors for investigating potential terrorist incidents.

DHS IG: CBP needs better metrics for program aimed at deterring illegal border crossers

A Customs and Border Protection initiative designed to reduce recidivism rates of aliens who illegally try to enter or re-enter the United States isn't being measured well enough to determine its effectiveness.

Are tech, other assets paying off in securing borders? Watchdog says DHS needs to review the data

The department could do a better job of collecting data and developing measures and metrics to assess what they're getting out of investments.

Experts: ISIS's social media terrorist messaging far ahead of US government efforts to counter it

Experts testified during a Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs hearing on how jihadists are using social media  –  held just a few days after two gunmen were killed in Garland, Texas, trying to attack a contest to draw the Prophet Muhammad.

Lone wolf terrorism not on the rise, but police, military personnel are top targets, report says

Although new research shows that lone wolf terrorism isn't on the rise in America, these individuals with no ties to organized terrorist groups are primarily targeting police and military personnel and prefer using high-velocity firearms.