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Latest Headlines

Pessimism and few opportunities primarily drive foreign fighters to join Islamic State, paper finds

While many Muslims in the United States say there's prejudice against those who practice the faith and even 10 percent of younger U.S. Muslims say a suicide attack in defense of Islam is justifiable, fewer than 150 U.S. Muslims – or less than 1 percent of all Islamic State fighters – have traveled to Syria.

DHS announces VWP security enhancements in effort to address foreign terrorist fighter threat

Enhancements include required use of e-passports for all Visa Waiver Program travelers, mandated use of INTERPOL's lost and stolen passports database, and permission to expand use of U.S. marshals on incoming international flights.

Tech trade groups protest Senate intel bill provision imposing terrorist activity reporting

The Internet Association, the Reform Government Surveillance, and the Internet Infrastructure Coalition said in an Aug. 5 letter to Senate leadership that they understand the motivation of Section 603 of the bill, but called it "hastily written" and "unworkable."

Missteps by fed agencies led to gyrocopter flight breach in April, Senate commitee report finds

The Secret Service, Capitol Police and other federal agencies made several mistakes that allowed Florida resident Douglas Hughes to breach restricted airspace with a gyrocopter in April and land on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, according to a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee investigation.

Terror threat level high as it's ever been, says House Homeland Security Committee report

The committee's report, released Aug. 4, said that the total number of homegrown violent jihadist terrorist cases in the United States has risen three-fold in five years – currently 122, up from 38 in July 2010.  

DHS alerts law enforcement of potential criminal, terrorist drone threats, news outlets report

The Homeland Security Department's office of Intelligence and Analysis has reportedly issued a warning to law enforcement agencies nationwide about criminals and terrorists potentially using drones for attacks.

DHS, State Dept. need to better assess programs to counter influx of migrant children, GAO says

U.S. officials and others have said that extreme violence, persistent poverty and other problems in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala spurred last summer's migration of tens of thousands of unaccompanied migrant children.

New TSA administrator addresses agency's failures, low morale and future of airport security

House lawmakers this week grilled the new head of the Transportation Security Administration, an agency beset with problems such as serious screening and security lapses at airport checkpoints, low morale, and faulty equipment, among other challenges. But they also called Peter Neffenger a "breath of fresh air."

House OKs bill, restricting funds for 'sanctuary cities' not complying with immigration laws

The bill was introduced after the July 1 killing of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco. She was allegedly shot by a Mexican national previously convicted of seven felonies and deported five times, mostly for narcotics charges.

GAO: DoD taking steps to protect against insider threats, but more info sharing, oversight needed

The Defense Department is stepping up efforts to protect resources and people against internal threats following high-profile shootings over the past six years at Fort Hood and Washington Navy Yard, but isn't consistently sharing information that could further enhance protection.