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Latest Headlines

Congress replays DHS funding debate this week; countdown resumes to Friday midnight deadline

Congressional lawmakers will again wrangle this week to fund the Homeland Security Department before a March 6 deadline. Lawmakers avoided a partial shutdown when it approved a one-week funding extension for the department, which had been running on a continuing resolution that was set to expire last Friday.

Clock ticks for Congress to pass full DHS budget; Johnson warns of impacts to department

The Senate Feb. 26 is poised to pass a clean bill that it advanced the day before by a 98-2 vote. It fully funds DHS, which has been operating on a continuing resolution for fiscal 2015. That resolution expires on Feb. 27 at 11:59 p.m. 

Lack of continued DHS funding would greatly disrupt operations, several agency officials say

Several Homeland Security Department officials testified at a congressional hearing that their agency's operations, staff and work with emergency officials and the private sector would be significantly jolted if lawmakers don't fund the department past Feb. 27.

US intel officials say tracking radicalized foreign fighters difficult, numbers may be greater

U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials said they're tracking a growing number of foreign fighters, including more than 150 Americans, who've traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight with terrorist organizations. But they admitted they may not be aware of all such fighters coming from Western countries.

DHS IG: No proof officers at ICE detention facility engaged in inappropriate sex with detainees

The DHS inspector general  launched the investigation after counsel for one detainee reported misconduct at the Karnes City, Texas facility that's operated under a contract by the private GEO Group Inc. All detention officers at the facility are contractual employees.

The president's 2016 budget request: Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which enforces immigration laws and conducts counterterrorism and other border security investigations, was one of the biggest budget winners among agencies within the Homeland Security Department. The agency is requesting $6.28 billion for next fiscal year, or nearly $923 million above this year's estimated spending level.

The president's 2016 budget request: Customs and Border Protection

Customs and Border Protection, which has the largest budget among all components within the Homeland Security Department, would see a 6.3 percent jump – or about $800 million – under the president's recently unveiled 2016 budget proposal.

The president's 2016 budget request: Homeland Security Department

Under the 2016 proposed spending plan, DHS would receive $41.2 billion, up from the $38.2 billion proposed for the current fiscal year. A summary provided by the department said that the 2016 budget "is grounded in the secretary's strategic vision of a DHS that operates with an enhanced unity of effort" across the enterprise.

DHS can make significant reforms by looking at past Pentagon history, RAND analyst says

The Goldwater-Nichols Act, also known as the Department of Defense Reorganization Act, implemented "thoughtful, serious and reasoned reforms" at the Pentagon and similar legislation can help reform and improve DHS management and operational activities, wites Daniel M. Gerstein.

Coburn issues final critical report on problems facing DHS, homeland security

On his last day in the Senate, Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn issued a critical report on the Homeland Security Department, saying it's doing a substandard job from border security to counterterrorism to cybersecurity.