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Latest Headlines

Audit: ICE financial systems need improvements in access controls, configuration management

An independent public accounting firm has found that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency's core financial system still has some access control and configuration management problems.

GAO: Agencies need more help to better assess physical security improvement costs

Congressional investigators said the risk management standard established by the Interagency Security Committee requires agencies to use a cost-analysis methodology that considers all direct, indirect and life-cycle costs as well create performance measurements and a testing program to better help them allocate resources.

House lawmakers introduce bill to reform beleagured Secret Service

A bi-partisan group of House lawmakers March 26 introduced legislation aimed at reforming the Secret Service, which has been plagued by a series of scandals, low morale and breaches over the last few years.

House lawmakers question TSA process that funnels high-risk travelers through PreCheck

A Transportation Security Administration official said the agency is ramping up marketing to enroll more eligible low-risk travelers who pay to go through an expedited screening program, but will continue to use a process that ferries higher-risk travelers through that same security checkpoint.

DHS issues draft guidance for disaster information sharing following earthquake exercise

The guidance lays out Essential Elements of Information to be shared in response to a disaster, as well as instruction on how to publish and receive alerts from the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System and share geospatial information.

TSA improperly provided 'notorious' convicted felon expedited screening at airport, DHS IG finds

A convicted felon who was also a former member of a domestic terrorist group was allowed by the Transportation Security Administration to go through the expedited passenger screening lane at an airport last year even after a security officer recognized the "notorious" traveler.

GAO: Oversight of some major DHS programs' cost and performance lacking

The Government Accountability Office said DHS has improved certain aspects of its acquisition management process in recent years, which is important to make sure that programs are living up to their promise.

Destruction of thousands of chemical weapons at Army depot in Colorado begins this week

Eventually, the entire stockpile of 780,000 munitions containing more than 2,600 tons of mustard agent will be destroyed at the Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant, using a process called neutralization followed by biotreatment.

NASA plans satellite mission to study phytoplankton, airborne particles and climate impact

The Pre-Aersol Clouds and ocean Ecosystem, or PACE, mission will study the Earth's oceans and atmosphere and learn more about the role of marine phytoplanton – which are microscopic ocean algae – in the global carbon cycle.

CBP addresses problems in examining high-risk rail shipments from Canada, Mexico, IG says

United States customs officers didn't always effectively use certain critera to assess the risk of some rail shipments entering from Canada and Mexico nor did some use required radiation detection equipment to examine high-risk cargo – problems that have since been addressed.