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Latest Headlines

GAO: Defense Department officials need to assess capabilities to address chem, bio threats

The Chemical and Biological Defense Program Enterprise – comprised of 26 DoD organizations – leads the department's efforts to protect military personnel from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.

GAO: DHS steps help small business gain more contracting opportunities, but more data needed

The department issued 74 EAGLE II task orders, almost all of which was issued to small businesses. But the $591 million in orders represent only 3 percent of the strategic sourcing program's potential $22 billion value.

GAO: USCIS system modernization effort will cost $1B more, take another 4 years to complete

The initiative was supposed to be implemented by June 2014 and cost $2.1 billion, but with the transition to a new architecture, the effort was pushed out to August 2016 and then to March 2019.

Interconnected technologies, sensors could enhance 'smart fire fighting,' new report says

The report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Fire Protection Research Foundation said technologies could provide useful information to first responders when they need it and even help with code enforcement, prevention, training, salvage and investigations.

High-ranking US Southern Command official says drug interdiction efforts could be in peril

A U.S. joint military task force's progress in detecting, monitoring and stopping illicit drug trafficking from South America, Central America and the Caribbean could be in "jeopardy" due to defense cutbacks and limited resources.

Underground explosive tests in Nevada could help US better detect, identify nuclear explosions

The National Nuclear Security Administration led a team of national labs and others in conducting in late May the so-called Source Physics Experiment, which could help the U.S. improve arms control verification.

Coast Guard largely making progress in mitigating risks to acquire new cutters, IG says

An internal audit says that the Coast Guard is making progress in reducing acquisition risks of more than two dozen offshore patrol cutters, but it's still too early to tell whether the service has fully implemented two risk mitigation recommendations that were previously made by the inspector general.

Scientists test early-warning system for solar storms that can disrupt power grids, GPS

Geomagnetic or solar storms can occur when clouds from coronal mass ejections interact with the Earth's magnetic field, potentially interfering with GPS technology used in vehicles as well as the ability of aircraft systems to accurately assess a plane's distance from the ground for landing.

IAEA holds first conference focused on the threat of cyberattacks on nuclear facilities

The conference, which ran from June 1-5, was expected to attract more than 650 nuclear regulators and plant operators, law enforcement and system and security vendors from 92 member states and 17 regional and international organizations.

FBI official calls for legal remedy to access encrypted communications in House hearing on terrorism

A senior FBI counterterrorism official emphasized the need for federal law enforcement officials to have the capability to legally access encrypted devices without the use of backdoors for investigating potential terrorist incidents.