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Latest Headlines

Power outages longer each year for customers, linked to severe weather, new study finds

While the frequency of U.S. power outages has been unchanged in recent years, the total number of minutes that customers have been without electricity has increased every year, mainly due to extreme weather.

DHS revising grant guidance to mandate communications equipment be interoperable

The inspector general said in a audit that grant guidance issued by the Office of Emergency Communications and the Federal Emergency Management Agency "does not prevent grantees from purchasing non-interoperable equipment."

Mimicking nature, device uses soundwaves to detect cracks in critical infrastructure

Researchers at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow have developed a device that spots structural problems in aircraft structures, oil and gas pipelines and nuclear plants.

DHS secretary seeks to form new panel to advise department on leading cybersecurity practices

The subcommittee will "identify the readiness of the department's lifeline sectors to meet the emerging cyber threat and provide recommendations for building cross-sector capabilities to rapidly restore critical functions and services following a signficant cyber event," according to a Federal Register notice.

FCC adopts rules requiring emergency backup power for modern telephone service

Unlike traditional copper-based landline service, which works during electric outages because the service provide its own power, fiber and Internet Protocol-based phone services need power to work.

Missteps by fed agencies led to gyrocopter flight breach in April, Senate commitee report finds

The Secret Service, Capitol Police and other federal agencies made several mistakes that allowed Florida resident Douglas Hughes to breach restricted airspace with a gyrocopter in April and land on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, according to a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee investigation.

USGS, universities collaborate on improving earthquake early warning system on west coast

The collaboration will entail continued "development of scientific algorithms to rapidly detect potentially damaging earthquakes, more thoroughly test the system and improve its performance."

New TSA administrator addresses agency's failures, low morale and future of airport security

House lawmakers this week grilled the new head of the Transportation Security Administration, an agency beset with problems such as serious screening and security lapses at airport checkpoints, low morale, and faulty equipment, among other challenges. But they also called Peter Neffenger a "breath of fresh air."

FAA warns drone operators not to interfere with efforts to fight wildfires else face penalties

This summer, firefighters in California were about to drop fire retardant from low-flying aircraft on a fire burning thousands of acres of wildlands in the San Bernardino Mountains when they saw a small drone flying between two of the planes. Because of this, officials had to ground their aircrafts.

Experts: Feds not doing enough to protect US power grid from disruptive solar flares, EMPs

Two billion dollars would be required to protect the electric grid from threats including naturally occurring EMPs, radio-frequency weapons, cyber bugs and hacking, physical sabotage and severe weather, and $10 billion to $20 billion would be needed to protect "all critical infrastructures."