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Latest Headlines

Centers for manufacturing emergency influenza vaccine ready in next few years

One of three organizations hired by the Health and Human Services Department for surge vaccine production in the event of a pandemic should be running at full capacity within three years, department officials say.

Sole source Forest Service airtanker contract voided by GAO

A sole source contract the Forest Service made with a firefighting airtanker leasing company fell short of the criteria needed to justify it, says a federal contracting oversight agency. The Forest Service should attempt to properly re-award the contract, or simply terminate it, says the Government Accountability Office in a March 31  decision.

Cyber black market sophisticated and resilient, says Rand

Over the past decade, the cyber black market has transformed from a landscape of "discrete, ad hoc networks of individuals initially motivated by little more than ego and notoriety" into a financially driven collection of suppliers, vendors and intermediaries dominated by criminal organizations or groups, says the think tank.

Free military equipment can be costly for CBP

PHOENIX, Ariz. – The Defense Department may not charge Customs and Border Protection to repurpose military technology, but the arrangement can still be expensive for CBP.

DHS leery of technology commitments

PHOENIX, Ariz. – The second-in-command of the Homeland Security Department called for a shift toward short-term technology contracts Tuesday at the Border Security Expo.

CBP, GAO at odds over lessons of SBInet

The mistakes of the failed SBInet procurement would be repeated if Customs and Border Protection took the advice of the the Government Accountability Office to improve a major border technology program, a CBP official said Wednesday.

LORAN infrastructure gets possible reprieve under proposed Coast Guard reauthorization bill

Infrastructure for a terrestrial radio signal-based location system once operated by the Coast Guard would get a short-term reprieve under the two year Coast Guard reauthorization bill approved Feb. 11 by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Soghoian: Technology has minimized the procedural costs of surveillance

Technology has allowed law enforcement and intelligence to expand surveillance not just because it has lowered costs but because they encounter less resistance from judges and companies, Christopher Soghoian of the American Civil Liberties Union said.

Spotlight: CBP drones resume flying after crash

The drones that Customs and Border Protection uses for surveillance returned to the air Feb. 7, after the agency suspended flights for nearly two weeks,  Reuters   reported. One of CBP's ten drones  crashed into the Pacific Ocean Jan. 27  following a mechanical failure, prompting the agency to ground its other nine drones while it investigated the crash.

DHS seeks next-generation checkpoint screening

The next generation of security checkpoint imaging would screen more than 250 people per hour and detect explosives through multiple layers of clothing, under a Homeland Security Department plan. The department's Science and Technology Directorate released a  request for information  Feb. 11 to guide the development of new advanced imaging technology.