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Latest Headlines

House lawmakers introduce bill to reform beleagured Secret Service

A bi-partisan group of House lawmakers March 26 introduced legislation aimed at reforming the Secret Service, which has been plagued by a series of scandals, low morale and breaches over the last few years.

House lawmakers question TSA process that funnels high-risk travelers through PreCheck

A Transportation Security Administration official said the agency is ramping up marketing to enroll more eligible low-risk travelers who pay to go through an expedited screening program, but will continue to use a process that ferries higher-risk travelers through that same security checkpoint.

DHS issues draft guidance for disaster information sharing following earthquake exercise

The guidance lays out Essential Elements of Information to be shared in response to a disaster, as well as instruction on how to publish and receive alerts from the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System and share geospatial information.

TSA improperly provided 'notorious' convicted felon expedited screening at airport, DHS IG finds

A convicted felon who was also a former member of a domestic terrorist group was allowed by the Transportation Security Administration to go through the expedited passenger screening lane at an airport last year even after a security officer recognized the "notorious" traveler.

DHS helping communities assess, prepare for chemical attacks, says official

The threat of chemical attacks against U.S. communities is different based on an individual community's risk, a Homeland Security Department official said during a House hearing March 19.

DHS's Brothers tweets about science and tech projects, goals

Reginald Brothers, who heads the Homeland Security Department's research and development arm, took to Twitter March 1, answering questions ranging from cybersecurity and airport security to the Islamic State.

Initial strategy to lessen severity, size and impact of wildfires released by Interior Department

The increasing acceleration of non-native annual grasses coupled with drought and effects of climate change have increased the wildfire threat to the sagebrush landscape and more than 350 species of plants and animals.

DHS seeks to speed up development of emerging wearable technology for first responders

The department's Science and Technology Directorate launched its first business accelerator program called "EMERGE!" that will provide early-market validation, mentoring and access to private investment for certain technologies.

UN aims to prevent the next pandemic through better disease detection in Africa

The project aims to build the region's capacity for future detection and diagnosis of zoonotic diseases, or diseases that are passed from animal to human, before they spread too far.

'Successful' terrorist attacks shifted from air to rail over 30-year period, study shows

A new study breaks down 87 terrorist acts into three decades – 1982 to 1991, 1992 to 2001, and 2002 to 2011 – tallying death totals and the number of events against each mode of transportation.