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Latest Headlines

New HHS system unveiled to help communities better prepare for impacts from disasters

The department's Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response developed the system with a network of experts across the country to help those responsible for preparing for public health and healthcare system emergencies.

NSF launches experimental research facilities to better understand impacts from natural hazards

With $40 million, the National Science Foundation is building a network of state-of-the-art experimental research facilities to better understand the impacts from earthquake, wind and water hazards and bolster community resilience.

GAO: Federal integrator of biosurveillance activities should be strengthened or eliminated

The National Biosurveillance Integration Center, which was established through the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007, faces many challenges in its roles as analyzer, coordinator and innovator.

State Department's proposed diplomatic security facility meets needed criteria, GAO says

While a State Department plan for a diplomatic security training facility is expected to cost more than $140 million more than an alternative proposal, congressional investigators recently concluded that it was the better of the two options because it met four needed critical elements.

Study: El Niño, La Niña will fuel bigger waves, flooding, erosion along Pacific coastline

An analysis of coastal data collected from 48 beaches across five countries bordering the Pacific Ocean – Australia, Japan, New Zealand, United States and Canada – and over two decades indictates an increase in storms.

GAO says federal agencies need better way to assess wildfire fighting efforts

A report said that five federal agencies responsible for wildland fire management are supposed to assess the effectiveness of their response through performance goals and reviews of specific wildfires, but haven't followed their own guidance.

Heroin, fentanyl seizures increasing in US; feds stepping up efforts to address issue

While overall nationwide drug seizures dropped 13 percent from fiscal years 2013 to 2014, the head of the Customs and Border Protection agency recently said that heroin seizures rose by 12 percent during the same period.

DHS IG questions Puerto Rico's $90M in housing program costs after '98 hurricane

The DHS inspector general said the Puerto Rico Department of Housing didn't always account for and spend Federal Emergency Management Agency funds as per federal construction cost requirements.

GAO urges greater oversight of Red Cross disaster operations; new bill proposes just that

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), who's the ranking member on the House Homeland Security Committee, requested the report after what he said were "unorganized and mismanaged responses to significant natural disasters – including Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti."

Top administration officials seek new budgeting method to fight wildfires, improve resilience

To fix this in the long term, administration officials said Congress should permit spending on firefighting to be scored as an adjustment to discretionary spending caps during bad fire seasons, similar to other federal disaster responses.