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Latest Headlines

New internal DHS report says measures needed to probe CBP corruption, use-of-force policies

The Homeland Security Advisory Council subcommittee report presented recommendations aimed at improving investigations into alleged corruption at CBP, but also said the agency's use-of-force policy guidelines need to revised.

DHS watchdog questions $67M in New York state, NYC spending of homeland grants

The audit from the department's inspector general focused on $725 million awarded to the state and city through the Homeland Security Grant Program from fiscal years 2010 through 2012. 

GAO: Defense Department officials need to assess capabilities to address chem, bio threats

The Chemical and Biological Defense Program Enterprise – comprised of 26 DoD organizations – leads the department's efforts to protect military personnel from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.

Action on global warming now could have significant benefits for US, new EPA report says

Countering global warming through greenhouse gas reduction could have significant economic, health and environmental benefits, including saving thousands of lives and avoiding billions of dollars on infrastructure maintenance and damage costs.

White House looks to bolster infrastructure resilience with new transportation and climate data

The White House hopes releasing transportation-related data will enhance the nation's resilience to extreme weather events linked to climate change, which could have a serious impact on U.S. transportation systems.

Interconnected technologies, sensors could enhance 'smart fire fighting,' new report says

The report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Fire Protection Research Foundation said technologies could provide useful information to first responders when they need it and even help with code enforcement, prevention, training, salvage and investigations.

FEMA gets good marks for dealing with 2014 mudslide in Washington state, audit concludes

The March 22, 2014 mudslide that engulfed the town of Oso traveled at 200 miles per hour and covered about 318 acres, destroying 37 structures. A pool of water that formed behind the debris flooded other houses and structures.

High-ranking US Southern Command official says drug interdiction efforts could be in peril

A U.S. joint military task force's progress in detecting, monitoring and stopping illicit drug trafficking from South America, Central America and the Caribbean could be in "jeopardy" due to defense cutbacks and limited resources.

New Lloyd's report says major global food system disruptions could trigger civil unrest

Although there's great uncertainty over the impact that climate change will have on world food production in the coming decades, the general consensus is that it will be negative.

Underground explosive tests in Nevada could help US better detect, identify nuclear explosions

The National Nuclear Security Administration led a team of national labs and others in conducting in late May the so-called Source Physics Experiment, which could help the U.S. improve arms control verification.