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Latest Headlines

From cybersecurity to transportation, IG lists major challenges facing DHS

The IG's report listed a number of challenges across the Homeland Security Department over the last year through investigations and audits, but it didn't contain any recommendations.

White House releases report, toolkit to help communities deal with climate change impacts

On the heels of last week's U.S.-China deal to limit greenhouse gases, a White House task force is proposing several measures that  federal agencies can take to help communities better prepare for impacts from climate change.

DHS IG: Major budget cuts force Coast Guard to forgo IT upgrades for some ships, aircraft

Due to significant budget cuts, aging ships and aircraft in the Coast Guard's fleet haven't gotten planned critical IT systems upgrades, which could hamper their vital missions, an audit revealed.

New study says Colorado's infrastructure needs upgrades to withstand damage from floods

Upgrades to Colorado's bridges, roads and other types of structures could have lessened the destructive impact from severe flooding in the state last year, a new study revealed.  

Recently declassified TSA reports from 2011 said no immediate threats to freight rail, mass transit

Two recently declassified 2011 Transportation Security Administration reports containing sensitive information about threat assessments to mass transit and freight rail systems were recently posted on the open source information website Public Intelligence.

San Francisco looks to adapt to sea-level rise, climate change impacts

With sea-level rise a top concern among many coastal cities, San Francisco officials have recently adopted a broad plan to help adapt the municipality to the new reality. Its 37-page guidance follows one released by the California State Assembly that reviewed the challenges from the impact of sea-level rise on the state and its economy.

Audit: Systems used for reporting, fixing issues at nuclear weapons plant need improvement

Systems developed to identify and correct problems at a U.S. nuclear weapons plant are generally working, but an internal Energy Department audit found certain aspects could be improved by the new contractor now managing the facility.  

Confronting climate change important to US national security, Defense Department says

The Defense Department released a plan Oct. 13 to adapt operations, training, infrastrucutre and resources to effects from climate change, saying it poses an immediate threat to national security.

Many states still not moving forward on climate change adaptation, research finds

At least half the states are not treating climate change with any urgency, according to the Georgetown Climate Center, which recently unveiled a new online tool that helps users see progress their states are making in adapting to the issue.

Insider threat to critical infrastructure 'underestimated', says DHS

Critical infrastructure owners and operators lack credible, sector-specific, insider-threat information to help drive security investments. But, even with "relatively robust" preventative programs in place, it's nearly impossible to entirely eliminate the threat of a malicious insider, says the Homeland Security Department's national protection and programs directorate.