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Latest Headlines

Feds plan to improve resilience of four regions around US to impacts from climate change

The Interior Department, Environmental Protection Agency and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the goal is to ensure that long-term conservation efforts in the selected areas in southwest Florida, Hawaii, Washington state and the Great Lakes region take climate change into account.

With Earth Day nearing, Obama calls climate change biggest threat to planet

With 2014 as the warmest year on record and 14 of the 15 hottest years on record in the 21st Century, Obama said there will be stronger storms, longer droughts and more wildfires, among other implications.

Little attention devoted to reducing fatalities of railroad trespassers, new CRS analysis shows

In 2014, there were 526 trespasser deaths, 419 trespasser injuries, 213 suicides and 40 injuries from suicide attempts on railroad property compared with just two deaths and 128 injuries from derailments and collisions.

DHS releases guidance on $1.6 billion in funding opportunities for states, tribes, local gov'ts

The Homeland Security Department announced April 2 that about $1.6 billion in grant funding to state, local, tribal and territorial governments, among others, is available to help improve the nation's readiness in preventing, responding to and recovering from terrorist attacks.

GAO says better cost, capability analyses needed to ensure adequate protection at fed facilities

Congressional investigators criticized the Federal Protective Service, which is responsible for protecting nearly 9,000 federal facilities, for not effectively managing a program in which it authorizes other agencies to manage security at their facilities rather than FPS itself.

Industry group points to 61,000 structurally deficient bridges still in need of major repair

There are still 61,064 structurally compromised bridges that vehicles cross more than 214 million times daily. The most heavily traveled are on the Interstate Highway System.

GAO: Agencies need more help to better assess physical security improvement costs

Congressional investigators said the risk management standard established by the Interagency Security Committee requires agencies to use a cost-analysis methodology that considers all direct, indirect and life-cycle costs as well create performance measurements and a testing program to better help them allocate resources.

Sea-level rise from climate change will threaten Hawaii's shoreline communities, new study says

If climate change continues as predicted, rising sea levels would double Hawaii's coastal erosion by mid-century, leading to beach loss, damage to homes and infrastructure, and endangerment to critical habitats, a new study predicts.

UK researchers craft economic methodology that outlines business losses from climate change

Researchers at a U.K. university said a methodology they developed for a social housing provider, outlining the "true" business costs from the impact of climate change, is also applicable to other organizations.

DHS's Brothers tweets about science and tech projects, goals

Reginald Brothers, who heads the Homeland Security Department's research and development arm, took to Twitter March 1, answering questions ranging from cybersecurity and airport security to the Islamic State.