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Latest Headlines

Electric grid security standards too broad, says trade group

A one-size-fits-all approach to security throughout the electric grid risks diverting resources from the most crucial facilities, the head of the American Public Power Association said during a Senate hearing April 10.

Moderate risks in DHS cyber threat signature sharing, says privacy office

Sharing of cyber threat information by the Homeland Security Department with the private sector presents some modest privacy risks, says the departmental privacy office.

World unprepared for instability exacerbated by climate change, says IPCC

The effects of climate change are already apparent and the world is unprepared for the risks they pose, warns a new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

No dedicated state and local grants for NIST cybersecurity framework adoption

State and local operators of critical infrastructure won't get a dedicated grant program to foster adoption of a cybersecurity framework the government released earlier this year – not unless Congress approves legislation allowing it, said a Homeland Security Department official.

European Parliament approves cybersecurity cooperation legislation

Legislation aiming to improve cybersecurity cooperation between European Union member states passed the European Parliament March 13. All member states would also have to establish a computer emergency response team to handle cybersecurity incidents.

Cybersecurity framework released with incentives unfinished and privacy appendix gone

The federal government today released a framework for cybersecurity meant for voluntary adoption within the private sector while acknowledging that work remains to be done in constructing incentives for adoption, and within the framework itself. Framework development has been a year-long effort under the tutelage of NIST, which received a mandate through an cybersecurity executive order.

House Homeland Security approves critical infrastructure cybersecurity bill

The House Homeland Security Committee approved by unanimous voice vote a cybersecurity bill that would codify the Homeland Security Department's role in federal cybersecurity and require it to work with the private sector on securing critical infrastructure.

DHS to update emergency services sector plan by December

The Homeland Security Department will update its emergency services sector plan by the end of this year to include the need for security protections for the cyber attack-vulnberable NG9-1-1 and FirstNet national public safety broadband network.

NIST drops privacy appendix from cybersecurity framework

The final draft of the critical infrastructure cybersecurity framework under development by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for nearly a year will not include a separate appendix for privacy controls. In the place of a dedicated privacy appendix, NIST will incorporate an alternative methodology first  developed  (.pdf) by Hogan Lovells partner Harriet Pearson.

Omnibus funds DHS headquarters consolidation at St. Elizabeths well below request

The omnibus appropriations bill that the House and Senate both passed this week would provide $190 million toward the consolidation of the Homeland Security Department headquarters, much less than the Obama administration requested.