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Latest Headlines

Report: US needs to adopt minimal national security standard for cybersecurity

The United States cannot allow cyber insecurity in information systems to reach a point where weaknesses would result in leaders "unwilling to make a decision or unable to act on a decision fundamental to our national security," said a new think tank report, suggesting a new national security standard for what's important to protect in cyberspace.

IG: Long-delayed repairs to US radiation detection system addressed, readiness enhanced

Improvements to a national radiation monitoring system hampered by long-delayed repairs and maintenance has improved the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to assess such threats to the public and environment, a July 22 internal audit has found.

Senate OKs bill extending terrorism risk insurance program, House to take up bill

By a 93-4 vote, the Senate reauthorized the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, or TRIA, which was set to expire at the end of the year. Under the bill (S. 2244), the program- which has already been extended and modified twice since it was first enacted in 2002- would be extended for another seven years.

Report: Explosion of electric grid-connected devices will complicate security

The proliferation of smart-grid technology and the integration of more devices into the electric grid system will only add to the complex security matters facing the grid in the United States, says a report from the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress.

Cities, feds grapple with inadequate border-crossing infrastructure

Port of entry infrastructure along the U.S. borders has struggled to keep up with the needs of cross-border trade and travelers, lawmakers and federal officials testing during a House hearing.

Study: Utilities, others in critical infrastructure sector unprepared for cyber attacks

Nearly 70 percent of water, power, oil and gas, and other companies in the critical infrastructure sector said they've experienced at least one cybersecurity breach over the last 12 months, a new Ponemon Institute global survey finds.

House passes bill authorizing DHS program to improve security at chemical plants

The House on July 8 passed a bipartisan bill that codifies a Homeland Security Department program designed to improve security standards at chemical facilities across the United States.

GAO: Security at nuclear weapons labs improved, but NNSA needs more cohesive strategy

Security reforms helped eliminate unnecessary costs and improve efficiency at some of the nation's nuclear weapons laboratories, but they may also have increased security risks at other facilities, congressional investigators said.

Report: Risks from climate change accelerating, national security affected

Impacts from climate change will not only affect local communities, but could also harm U.S. military readiness, a group of high-ranking retired military officers concluded in a recent study.

GAO: Maritime security plans don't address cyber threats

Maritime security plans at three high-risk U.S. ports do not address how to assess, manage and respond to cybersecurity threats, according to a Government Accountability Office assessment of their policies and plans. While all of the ports had unique security strategies that dealt with physical security, there were very few policies and plans that specifically addressed cybersecurity, finds the June 5  report.