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Latest Headlines

What keeps an FBI cyber official up at night?

"From our standpoint, the ability of a nation state or terrorist group to implant malware on a piece of critical infrastructure and manipulate that malware is significant for us," said Brett Leatherman, assistant section chief for cyber outreach at the FBI.

House lawmakers grill NPPD officials about proposed reorganization plan

Homeland Security Department officials appeared to allay some concerns among House lawmakers, who said their oversight role was sidestepped when a reorganization plan for the cybersecurity directorate was leaked this summer.

NSF launches experimental research facilities to better understand impacts from natural hazards

With $40 million, the National Science Foundation is building a network of state-of-the-art experimental research facilities to better understand the impacts from earthquake, wind and water hazards and bolster community resilience.

Study: El Niño, La Niña will fuel bigger waves, flooding, erosion along Pacific coastline

An analysis of coastal data collected from 48 beaches across five countries bordering the Pacific Ocean – Australia, Japan, New Zealand, United States and Canada – and over two decades indictates an increase in storms.

Top administration officials seek new budgeting method to fight wildfires, improve resilience

To fix this in the long term, administration officials said Congress should permit spending on firefighting to be scored as an adjustment to discretionary spending caps during bad fire seasons, similar to other federal disaster responses. 

Study: Replacing aging natural gas pipes can cut methane emissions, save billions of dollars

Public-private partnerships in Cincinnati and Durham that replaced outdated pipelines reduced leaks considerably – about one-tenth the number per mile than in Manhattan, Boston and Washington, D.C.

NSF awards $27.5M to research prediction, prevention, recovery efforts to natural hazards

The goals of the grants include improving capabilities to forecast hazards, lessening their impacts and boosting response and recovery efforts. The agency also wants to gain a better understanding of the processes related to natural hazards, among other areas.

DHS selects University of Texas at San Antonio to develop standards for more flexible ISAOs

The university will work with existing information sharing groups, critical infrastructure owners and operators, federal agencies and other stakeholders to "identify a common set of voluntary standards or guidelines" for forming such information sharing and analysis organizations.

White House announces new efforts to combat climate change for Alaskan communities

On the final day of his three-day tour in Alaska, President Obama announced Sept. 2 a number of new actions and several million dollars in new investments to fight climate change that he said is having a greater impact on the state than in the continental United States.

Future coastal flooding risks, economic losses will rise in several major US cities, analysis finds

The analysis by Risk Management Solutions found that hurricane-driven storm surge are increasing economic and insurance losses at several coastal cities, including Tampa and Miami. The firm also reviewed New York, Boston and Baltimore in addition to New Orleans