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Latest Headlines

DHS can make significant reforms by looking at past Pentagon history, RAND analyst says

The Goldwater-Nichols Act, also known as the Department of Defense Reorganization Act, implemented "thoughtful, serious and reasoned reforms" at the Pentagon and similar legislation can help reform and improve DHS management and operational activities, wites Daniel M. Gerstein.

TSA seizes more than 2,200 firearms at airports in 2014, a 22-percent hike from prior year

TSA provided a rundown of seizures – and photos of the items – that officers made last year of prohibited items and those that appeared dangerous. The agency said it screened more than 653 million passengers last year, which was an increase of 14.8 million from the prior year.

TSA over-classified parts of DHS IT security report on JFK airport, says IG

The Homeland Security Department's inspector general said Transportation Security Administration officials are unnecessarily concealing information in a new report that highlighted the vulnerabilities of security controls of DHS technology systems at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Sea-level rise, climate change should be among top research priorities over next decade, report says

A new National Research Council report identifies sea-level rise, the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems and better forecasting hazards among the top research priorities for ocean science over the next 10 years as scientists deal with flat or declining budgets.

Obama executive order seeks to boost Arctic policy coordination, cut greenhouse gas emissions

President Obama issued an executive order to improve coordination around federal policy and activities in the Arctic region, especially as it relates to the effects from climate change, and boost collaboration with state, local and tribal governments.

US gov't issues cybersecurity guidance to help energy sector protect critical infrastructure

The new guidance is designed to help the energy industry meet the goals of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Cybersecurity Framework that contains voluntary standards, guidelines and practices to help bolster critical infrastructure protection.

House overwhelmingly passes terrorism risk insurance bill; measure goes to Senate

The program, known as TRIA, was enacted after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. It provides a federal backstop for insurance coverage if losses from terrorist attacks exceed a certain threshold.

Coburn issues final critical report on problems facing DHS, homeland security

On his last day in the Senate, Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn issued a critical report on the Homeland Security Department, saying it's doing a substandard job from border security to counterterrorism to cybersecurity.

North Korea suffers Internet outage, possibly due to DDoS attack- UPDATED

After more than a day of instability, North Korea's Internet was down for nine and a half hours Dec. 22, according to Dyn Research, which has been tracking the health of the country's Internet system.

More 'nuisance flooding' will be new normal for some US coastal cities by 2050, NOAA says

Most U.S. coastal cities will see 30 or more days of "nuisance flooding" every year by 2050 as the sea level continues to rise as a result of climate warming.