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Latest Headlines

New TSA administrator addresses agency's failures, low morale and future of airport security

House lawmakers this week grilled the new head of the Transportation Security Administration, an agency beset with problems such as serious screening and security lapses at airport checkpoints, low morale, and faulty equipment, among other challenges. But they also called Peter Neffenger a "breath of fresh air."

Experts: Feds not doing enough to protect US power grid from disruptive solar flares, EMPs

Two billion dollars would be required to protect the electric grid from threats including naturally occurring EMPs, radio-frequency weapons, cyber bugs and hacking, physical sabotage and severe weather, and $10 billion to $20 billion would be needed to protect "all critical infrastructures."

GAO: State Dept. should assess countering extremist violence program to gauge impact

Such an evaluation would help the department's counterterrorism bureau ensure accountability, better measure the program's impact and effectiveness, and shape future programming decisions, but it's been postponed since 2012.

GAO: Thousands of chemical facilities may be providing bad data on toxic release threats

Investigators said they found that more than 2,700 facilities – at least 44 percent of facilities with a toxic release chemical – misreported the Distance of Concern, the radius of an area that could be exposed to a toxic chemical cloud. 

Americans largely back US military campaign against ISIS, but many say it's not going well

The Pew national survey, conducted July 14-20, of 2,022 adults via landline or cellphone finds that 63 percent approve of the military campaign  –  up from the 54 percent that approved of the campaign in August 2014 when airstrikes started. Currently, only 26 percent disapprove.

Feds say Islamic State terrorists targeting law enforcement for weapons, gear to further attacks

The one-page Roll Call Release reported there were at least two instances in which the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria inspired individuals to steal weapons or other specialized gear from law enforcement officials.

House panel unanimously OKs bill creating countering violent extremism office within DHS

The legislation is in response to what some government officials are saying is a new wave of domestic terrorism, including plots and attacks by lone wolves inspired by the the terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or by white supremacists such as the recent attack on a South Carolina church that killed nine black people.

CBP's $360M investment in drone border security program shows little return, DHS IG tells panel

The agency expected that it would fly four 16-hour drone patrols every day, year-round, for a total of 23,296 flight hours by fiscal 2013. However, the aircraft logged a total of 5,102 flight hours, about 80 percent less than OAM had anticipated.

Global Pew survey: Climate change top worry followed by economic instability and ISIS

People in nearly half the nations polled in a new report cited climate change as their top concern, while many countries, particularly in North America, Europe and the Middle East, picked the militant Islamic State of Iraq and Syria as their biggest worry.

GAO: Security of overseas US diplomatic residences, other 'soft targets' may be vulnerable

Between August 1998 and December 2014, there have been about 30 attacks against U.S. diplomatic residences and other soft targets, congressional investigators said.