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Latest Headlines

DHS awards final, $834M contract to complete advanced bio and agro facility

It's the third and final phase of construction of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, expected to cost a total of $1.25 billion. Construction is supposed to finished in 2020 with the facility becoming fully operational two years later.

DHS secretary: Counterterrorism enters new phase, gov't seeking Muslim community help

Jeh Johnson says counterterrorism efforts wading into new territory as the Islamic State calls for attacks against U.S. military installations and local law enforcement and government buildings through social media.

Experts: ISIS's social media terrorist messaging far ahead of US government efforts to counter it

Experts testified during a Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs hearing on how jihadists are using social media  –  held just a few days after two gunmen were killed in Garland, Texas, trying to attack a contest to draw the Prophet Muhammad.

Islamic State's mixed funding sources pose a challenge for US, int'l efforts to eradicate group

The Islamic State gets funding from oil revenue, selling looted antiquities, imposing taxes and fees, donations from other countries and ransom from kidnappings, among other means.

New suicide terrorist bombing index shows 4,300 people killed in more than 15 countries in 2014

The Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism's 2014 Suicide Attack Index showed that Iraq accounted for about 40 percent of the 504 confirmed total attacks around the world, which is the highest number in seven years.

Former senator says he was 'discouraged' by government response to U.S. Ebola cases

Although the position of assistant secretary for preparedness and response has been established to coordinate these types of scenarios, Jim Talent said he didn't see that person during this Ebola event.

Lone wolf terrorism not on the rise, but police, military personnel are top targets, report says

Although new research shows that lone wolf terrorism isn't on the rise in America, these individuals with no ties to organized terrorist groups are primarily targeting police and military personnel and prefer using high-velocity firearms.

Justice Department revises procedures for individuals on no-fly list seeking redress

The changes reflect the legal pressure brought about by a 2010 lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of 13 Americans, who challenged their inclusion on the list.

Personal info of DHS, FBI and other fed officials posted online by right-wing group, CBS reports

Home addresses of senior and former officials of the Homeland Security Department, FBI and other agencies were posted online allegedly by an unidentified right-wing extremist group, the news organization reported April 15.

Coast Guard must address crew rotation plan designed to improve cutters' performance, GAO says

While the Coast Guard has again delayed testing the feasibility of rotating crews with its new, advanced cutters to increase the ships' operational time at sea, it's implemented an interim plan that may not be as effective.