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Latest Headlines

Research shows that recent lethal terrorist attack on Pakistani school is 'atypical' historically

Between 1970 and 2013, more than 3,400 terrorist attacks against educational institutions occurred in 110 countries, representing about 2.7 percent of all global terrorist attacks during this period, research shows.

Brookings survey: Majority of Americans say Islamic State is biggest threat to US

About 70 percent of Americans say that the Islamic State is the biggest threat to the United States in the Middle East, according to recent survey from the Brookings Institution that looked into people's attitudes toward the terrorist group and the U.S. campaign against it.

Taliban used Twitter to embellish tactical victories

The Taliban's report of attacks through the summer of 2012 embellishes the damage inflicted upon international security forces. Its tweets said the group killed an average of 196 Afghan National Security Forces personnel per month during this period. But the Brookings Institution's noted the average monthly death toll closer to 309 ANSF personnel.

Coburn issues final critical report on problems facing DHS, homeland security

On his last day in the Senate, Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn issued a critical report on the Homeland Security Department, saying it's doing a substandard job from border security to counterterrorism to cybersecurity.

Sophisticated cyber attack tools available underground to anyone, Senate panel says

Several federal law enforcement and computer security officials told a Senate panel Dec. 10 that increasingly sophisticated malware and other tools designed to infiltrate information systems are available to any individual, organization or country at relatively lower costs through underground markets.

House extends terrorism insurance backstop program by 6 years; measure goes to Senate

The House on Dec. 10 overwhelmingly voted to extend a federal-private sector risk-sharing program by six years that makes affordable terrorism risk insurance widely available.

New National Counterintelligence and Security Center created within intelligence community

There's a new agency within the U.S. intelligence community that is expected to more effectively integrate counterintelligence and security missions.

Nearly 18,000 people died in terrorist attacks in 2013, new global report shows

In 2013, nearly 18,000 people around the world were killed in terrorist attacks, a 61-percent increase from the prior year, according to the recently published annual Global Terrorism Index report. Most of the terrorist incidents were concentrated in only a handful of countries – Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria – collectively accounting for nearly 15,000, or 82 percent, of the fatalities.

Westerners fighting for jihadi groups in Syria and Iraq go there for many reasons, new report says

Westerners are going off to fight alongside jihadists in Syria and Iraq for diverse reasons, ranging from a desire to live in an "authentic Muslim caliphate" to "jihadist cool," a new RAND report explains.

From cybersecurity to transportation, IG lists major challenges facing DHS

The IG's report listed a number of challenges across the Homeland Security Department over the last year through investigations and audits, but it didn't contain any recommendations.