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Latest Headlines

House lawmakers question TSA process that funnels high-risk travelers through PreCheck

A Transportation Security Administration official said the agency is ramping up marketing to enroll more eligible low-risk travelers who pay to go through an expedited screening program, but will continue to use a process that ferries higher-risk travelers through that same security checkpoint.

House bill would widen Visa Waiver Program despite concerns of intelligence gaps

The bill would expand the program that permits visitors from certain participating countries to enter the country without a visa as a way to boost tourism in the United States, but some have fears that the program could also potentially admit terrorists.

TSA improperly provided 'notorious' convicted felon expedited screening at airport, DHS IG finds

A convicted felon who was also a former member of a domestic terrorist group was allowed by the Transportation Security Administration to go through the expedited passenger screening lane at an airport last year even after a security officer recognized the "notorious" traveler.

DHS helping communities assess, prepare for chemical attacks, says official

The threat of chemical attacks against U.S. communities is different based on an individual community's risk, a Homeland Security Department official said during a House hearing March 19.

ACLU, NY affiliate sue TSA for records related to passenger behavior screening program

At issue is the Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques, which uses behavior detection officers to detect passenger behaviors that may be indicative of stress, fear or deception.

DHS's Brothers tweets about science and tech projects, goals

Reginald Brothers, who heads the Homeland Security Department's research and development arm, took to Twitter March 1, answering questions ranging from cybersecurity and airport security to the Islamic State.

New paper describes Islamic State's political, religious beliefs and their historical context

While it appears the Islamic State emerged within the last two years, the hardline terrorist group has been around for almost a decade. And leaders of the terrorist group have been broadcasting their ideology for just as long.

Supporters of Islamic State have at least 46,000 Twitter accounts, new Brookings study finds

Government officials have been saying that the Islamic State has been one of the most adept terrorist groups in using social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to spread propaganda and recruit and radicalize individuals.

'Successful' terrorist attacks shifted from air to rail over 30-year period, study shows

A new study breaks down 87 terrorist acts into three decades – 1982 to 1991, 1992 to 2001, and 2002 to 2011 – tallying death totals and the number of events against each mode of transportation.

Pew: Americans increasingly favor US military action, ground troops against Islamic State

Pew found that 63 percent of the U.S. public now approves of a military campaign against the Islamic State, while 30 percent disapproves. Last October, 57 percent approved while 33 percent disapproved.