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Latest Headlines

DEA: Prescription drug abuse a growing challenge for law enforcement

More than a fifth of U.S. law enforcement agencies say controlled prescription drug abuse is the greatest drug threat, a significant increase since 2009, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency's recently issued threat assessment.

US domestic and international drug policies at odds, says Brookings panel

While the United States has conditionally tolerated the regulated use of marijuana in two states – Washington and Colorado – national drug policy is at odds with the international drug control regime, said panelists at an Oct. 17 discussion at the Brookings Institution.

Greater US political consensus on drug policy reform efforts, int'l focus more on security, health

Despite the political gridlock on Capitol Hill on a range of highly charged issues, there's a surprising amount of consensus in drug policy reform, said a health and drug policy analyst.

GAO: Coast Guard says drug interdiction efforts hampered by older vessels, budget constraints

Citing the readiness of aging vessels, delays in getting new vessels and sequestration, the Coast Guard has generally missed its established targets for removing illicit drugs – mainly cocaine – in a 6-million-square-mile area known as the "transit zone" that it patrols, a Government Accountability Office report said.

Coast Guard faces challenges in fulfilling mission with aging fleet, GAO says long-term planning helps

A high-ranking U.S. Coast Guard officer told a House transportation subcommittee June 18 that the service doesn't have enough funding to modernize its fleet and support systems, making it challenging to fulfill its complex and broad mission.

New psychoactive substances increasing at 'unprecedented pace'

The global drug market for new psychoactive substances is increasing at an "unprecedented pace," finds a new report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. "The variety of substances available on illicit drug markets is higher than ever," says the report.

For solution to Mexico violence, report seeks comparable cases

Colombia, the Balkans, the Caucasus and other regions that were at one point overwhelmed by crime and violence provide lessons for Mexico, but none of their situations are really analogous, concludes a report from the Rand Corp.

Coast Guard, Southcom leaders: Drug war efforts underrecognized, underfunded

The heads of the Coast Guard and Southern Command said April 29 that their counternarcotics efforts are far more cost-effective than those of domestic law enforcement, even though the latter receive the bulk of the funding.

California calls for maritime task force to address panga boats

Many maritime smugglers use panga boats, 20-40 foot fishing vessels that are made of fiberglass and difficult to detect.  "This, coupled with the sheer size of California's coastline, means that most panga discoveries are made either through tips or by happenstance," says a  report  issued by California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Marijuana legalization complicates military efforts in Latin America

"They're very polite to me, but every now and again when they're not so polite, the term 'hypocrite' gets into the discussion," Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, the SOUTHCOM commander,  told  the House Armed Services Committee.