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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: SCOTUS to hear clinical data sharing case

The Supreme Court agreed June 29 that it will hear a case sometime this fall that challenges Vermont's health data sharing law.

White House: FEMA needs $1.5 billion for Irene loses

The White House estimates that covering uninsured losses caused by Hurricane Irene and subsequent flooding in New England will cost $1.5 billion in the coming fiscal year. Irene has caused President

Irene among costliest of natural disasters

Hurricane Irene--and the flooding it caused as a tropical storm in New England--will likely be among the nation's ten most costliest catastrophes, reports the New York Times. Industry estimates of

Irene causes flooding in New England

Flooding in New England has replaced wind and storm surges as the top weather concern in northeastern United States now that a much-diminished Irene is well north of the United States. Downgraded to