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Latest Headlines

New York draws heat for rideshare cap legislation

A battle between Uber and New York City Hall over the rideshare company's expansion in the Big Apple is heating up.

From trash to Wi-Fi treasure

Popular Science  reports that a Massachusetts company that makes Wi-Fi-enabled smart trash bins has applied for a grant from the New York City Mayor's Office to install modified receptacles to provide wireless hotspots on city streets.

Mapping New York's meanest streets for pedestrian safety

In the name of safety, a New York City law firm recently created a website that maps all collisions between pedestrians and vehicles in the city going back to 2012.

New York seeks replacement for 311 system architecture

New York City has invited a group of companies to replace the dated software running its 311 call center, website and mobile apps, with a new, well-integrated system.

New York City releases new environmental master plan

On Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced OneNYC, a 332-page document with dozens of policy goals. 

New York City takes more swings at digital divide

 Last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a series of moves to close the Big Apple's digital divide.

New York City opens its prose along with its data

New Yorkers can access government reports published by all city departments in a new GitHub-based portal.

For sale: Wi-Fi network too big for New York City

The New York Daily News reported Wednesday that the New York City government is looking to sell its $500-million Wi-Fi network because of rising costs and low usage. 

In housing-starved New York, few regional communities embrace growth

Although housing permits rebounded in 2014 in the New York area, not all parts of the region have promoted new housing growth equally.

Congestion toll advocates ready to tackle New York City transit woes

The group Move NY, a coalition of businesses, environmentalists, mass transit advocates, and labor unions, released a comprehensive proposal on Feb. 17 to generate new funds for the Big Apple's bridges, roads, and rails by transforming the city's piecemeal toll system.