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Latest Headlines

For sale: Wi-Fi network too big for New York City

The New York Daily News reported Wednesday that the New York City government is looking to sell its $500-million Wi-Fi network because of rising costs and low usage. 

In housing-starved New York, few regional communities embrace growth

Although housing permits rebounded in 2014 in the New York area, not all parts of the region have promoted new housing growth equally.

Congestion toll advocates ready to tackle New York City transit woes

The group Move NY, a coalition of businesses, environmentalists, mass transit advocates, and labor unions, released a comprehensive proposal on Feb. 17 to generate new funds for the Big Apple's bridges, roads, and rails by transforming the city's piecemeal toll system.

Microgrid competition aims to keep New Yorkers' lights on

A New York State agency recently announced it will provide up to $40 million in prize money through a contest to create local microgrids.

24-7 contractor permitting for the City that Never Sleeps

The new NYC Streets system allows contractors to apply for road excavation permits around the clock from personal computers or mobile devices and print out permit signs on their own.

Studying the (microscopic) free riders on New York's subways

With the help of supercomputers, researchers have analyzed the genetic material of samples taken across the New York City subway system. Their findings may make for healthier commuters.

Visualizing how Americans commute to work

It's no secret that most Americans drive alone to their jobs. But a new data visualization of commuting methods reveals interesting variations across the nation's counties.

What cities can learn from New York and Chicago's 311 systems

As the first of a new series on public services, a recent paper by the Inter-American Development Bank extracts a number of practical lessons from the implementation of the largest call center systems in the United States.

Juno tests cities' snow plow trackers

As winter storm Juno pummels the East Coast, residents in several cities can log on to track how municipal snow plows are keeping up. These tracking applications, however, are not without their flaws.

14 cities awarded Bloomberg 'Innovation Team' grants

Fourteen cities ranging from Long Beach, Calif. to Jerusalem have been awarded up to $3 million in grants from Bloomberg Philanthropies to create "innovation teams" to come up with new approaches to poverty, public safety, and job growth, among other issues, through the use of data and open innovation, the foundation recently announced.