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Latest Headlines

Iowa government to adopt mobile-based driver's license

In 2015, the Iowa Department of Transportation will allow residents to use a mobile-based digital driver's license as an official driver's license. Rather than using a physical identification card, Iowa law enforcement plan to accept a smartphone app during traffic stops.

DOJ seeks to withhold FirstNet board member's emails

Federal prosecutors are pushing to prevent emails sent by a FirstNet board member from being released publicly.

Spotlight: In reversal, Michigan allows driver's licenses for deferred action recipients

Michigan has become the latest state to retract its ban on driver's licenses for immigrants who receive deferred action, the state announced Feb. 1. Iowa made the change Jan. 23, after U.S....

State retracts driver's license ban for deferred action recipients

Immigrants who receive deferred action are lawfully present in the United States, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services now says--a distinction that has led one state to retract its ban on driver's licenses for deferred action recipients. Iowa, which said in December it wouldn't give driver's licenses to immigrants granted deferred action, has now said it will.

No guarantee that Missouri River Basin won't flood again

Flooding risk along the Missouri River Basin can be reduced through repairs to damage caused by floods in 2011 but never can be entirely removed, says the Army Corps of Engineers in a report released this month. 2011 was an "unprecedented 500-year event"--and even were the flood control system to be completely repaired, it would still be vulnerable to flooding during extreme events, the report states.

U.S. drought conditions worsen

The National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln  says  that as of July 17, 53.17 percent of the United States is in drought, with a heat wave pattern locked in until possibly September. Rain in Texas has alleviated conditions there, said Brian Fuchs, a center climatologist, but drought has expanded elsewhere in areas including eastern Iowa. A little more than a third--35.32 percent--of the country is in a severe or worse drought, the center says.

U.S. inmate population declines slightly

The inmate population in federal and state prisons declined in 2010 for the first time since 1972, finds a December 2011 bulletin (.pdf) from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. A population of