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Latest Headlines

GAO: Thousands of chemical facilities may be providing bad data on toxic release threats

Investigators said they found that more than 2,700 facilities – at least 44 percent of facilities with a toxic release chemical – misreported the Distance of Concern, the radius of an area that could be exposed to a toxic chemical cloud. 

With CFATS backlog shrinking, officials seek formal authorization

The backlog of chemical facility security plans will take about half as long as anticipated for the Homeland Security Department to eliminate, said the head of the department's National Protection and Programs Directorate.

Democratic lawmakers criticize CFATS authorization bill

Democratic lawmakers on the House Homeland Security Committee raised misgivings about the CFATS reauthorization bill during a subcommittee hearing on the newly proposed legislation.

House Homeland Security proposes 2 year CFATS reauthorization bill

The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards program would gain a standalone authorization for two years under a bill proposed by the House Homeland Security Committee. The authorization bill (H.R. 4007) would make some changes to the CFATS program, such as requiring facility vulnerability to a terrorist attack and economic consequences of an attack to be an explicit part of the risk assessment methodology used to classify chemical facilities.

Unified federal chemical facility database a possibility, says Wulf

An outcome of the chemical facility  executive order  signed by President Obama Aug. 1 could be a consolidated federal database of chemical facilities, a Homeland Security Department official told a House panel while blaming technological difficulties for past inability to share data across organizational lines.

More House skepticism over CFATS

Funding for the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards program could be in danger absent "evidence of substantial programmatic improvement," says the chairman of the House Appropriations Homeland Security subcommittee in a July 22 letter also signed by two House oversight committees.

2014 Budget Request: National Protection and Programs Directorate

Funding for the National Protection and Programs Directorate would overall go down by about an inflation-adjusted 10 percent under the Obama administration's fiscal 2014 budget proposal transmitted to Congress April 10.

CFATS could take nearly a decade to approve all security plans

It will take the Homeland Security Department between about 7 to 9 years at its current rate to complete the approval process of the security plans submitted via the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards program, estimates the Government Accountability Office.

CFATS has already spent $7.7 million on terrorist screening

The directorate within the Homeland Security Department responsible for regulating chemical facilities for safety paid the Transportation Security Administration $7.7 million to conduct terrorist screening on chemical workers since April 2010 – despite not releasing the notice of proposed rulemaking regarding worker screening until March 22.

DHS officials defend CFATS risk tier methodology

The risk methodology is largely based on the consequence to human life that the release or theft of a chemical would cause or on the consequence to lives by sabotage, the GAO says.  Watchdog officials find multiple faults with the methodology. Consequence assessment should also consider the direct economic effects, for example, auditors say.