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Latest Headlines

Sequestration biggest challenge for IGs, survey says

Inspectors general says sequestration spending cuts hamper their ability to provide oversight, a Sept. 17 Association of Government Accountants survey says. About two-thirds of IGs surveyed by the association say sequestration is the biggest obstacle to doing their job, the report says.

Leaked documents show Information Sharing Environment budget of $25M

The Information Sharing Environment within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has an annual budget of around $25 million, shows a budget document leaked by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

MSPB still on schedule to docket all furlough appeals shortly after Labor Day

The Merit Systems Protection Board took on 38,600 personnel decision appeals so far this year, with 33,000 of them coming as furlough appeals, and still expects to have those appeals docketed shortly after Labor Day, MSPB Spokesman William Spencer said in an email.

MSPB takes on 30,000 furlough appeals, most coming from DoD

The Merit Systems Protection Board received 30,000 furlough appeals in 2013 so far- around 25,000 more than all kinds of appeals received in 2012, an Aug. 21 MSPB statement says. About 98 percent of those furlough appeals have come from the Defense Department, the statement says.

MSPB puts hold on processing DoD employee furlough appeals

The Merit Systems Protection Board put an indefinite hold on processing and adjudicating Defense Department furlough appeals, due to the large volume of furlough appeals being received from DoD employees, an Aug. 13 MSPB statement says.

HUD, IRS join DoD in cancelling furlough days

Several federal agencies announced they would forgo or postpone planned furlough days late last week. The Internal Revenue Service said Aug. 7 that it would not hold an agencywide furlough day on Aug. 30 as planned.

MSPB flooded with furlough appeals

The Merit Systems Protection Board has been flooded with furlough appeals this year, receiving more so far in 2013 than it did in all of 2012 and Defense Department employees make up the majority of those appeals, MSPB Spokesman William Spencer told Fierce Govenrment.

IRS cuts furlough day, DoD not so fortunate

The Internal Revenue Service made enough cuts to cancel one of its 5 furlough scheduled furlough days for fiscal 2013. In a July 18 press release the IRS said offices would be open July 22 "due to its successful ongoing efforts to cut costs."

FEEA loans double due to furloughs

The amount of Employee Education & Assistance Fund's emergency assistance loans doubled in June due to furloughs, a July 9 FEEA statement says. In May, the program issued $42,000 in loans, with only two of them being furlough-related. In June FEEA issued $90,000 and 82 of those loans were due to furlough hardship. Those furlough loans totaled $49,000 FEAA says.

Hale says Defense Working Capital Fund employees can legally be furloughed

Defense Department started furloughs July 8 for its 680,000 of its civilian workers, but when some lawmakers called into question whether workers under the Defense Working Capital fund could legally be furloughed, DoD Comptroller Robert Hale said they could.