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Latest Headlines

DHS revising grant guidance to mandate communications equipment be interoperable

The inspector general said in a audit that grant guidance issued by the Office of Emergency Communications and the Federal Emergency Management Agency "does not prevent grantees from purchasing non-interoperable equipment."

DHS IG: FEMA regional office not meeting certain emergency management responsibilities

Region V – which manages emergency management activities in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ohio – does not have policies and procedures to provide temporary public transportation during disasters, process public assistance appeals in a timely manner, and doesn't hold required meetings regarding regional issues.

Federal efforts to enhance nation's resilience to disasters needs overall strategy, GAO says

Such a strategy could help identify, prioritize and guide future funding. But without it, GAO said it increases the risk that the government and its partners will see "lower returns on investments or lost opportunities to strengthen key critical infrastructure and lifelines."

New tech more precisely sends wireless emergency alerts to the people who need them

Greater accuracy is critical because people in an affected area could take timely action to protect themselves. Additionally, they may be more inclined to heed the warning if they know an emergency message applies to them, the report said.

Kansas school district awarded $50M in disaster funds without open competition, DHS audit finds

The DHS inspector general said it deferred to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's decision that the costs were "fair and reasonable for the work performed" under government regulations that allow for exceptions, but there were better options.

Federal miscalculations of 100-year flood levels could impact Midwestern cities, new study says

Robert Criss, the study's author, said he found miscalculations of the official 100-year flood levels for many Midwestern cities, including St. Louis, along the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio and Illinois rivers.

DHS watchdog questions $67M in New York state, NYC spending of homeland grants

The audit from the department's inspector general focused on $725 million awarded to the state and city through the Homeland Security Grant Program from fiscal years 2010 through 2012. 

FEMA gets good marks for dealing with 2014 mudslide in Washington state, audit concludes

The March 22, 2014 mudslide that engulfed the town of Oso traveled at 200 miles per hour and covered about 318 acres, destroying 37 structures. A pool of water that formed behind the debris flooded other houses and structures.

FEMA responded effectively to 2014 earthquake that hit northern California, DHS IG says

That Aug. 24, 2014, earthquake, which was the strongest in a quarter century, injured more than 280 people, destroyed 18 structures and damaged nearly 2,000 more.

DHS not tracking employee usage of offline travel booking, possibly incurring greater fees, IG says

The web-based system is much cheaper than the making reservations by phone. Online fees cost about $7 to $10, while doing it offline costs about $30 to $37, or more than three times the cost.