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Latest Headlines

The president's 2016 budget request: Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which helps the nation,communities and first responders prepare for and respond to natural and man-made disasters, would see a 8.7 percent jump – or nearly $1.06 billion – under the president's recently unveiled 2016 budget proposal.

GAO: FEMA overspent 'hundreds of millions of dollars' in administrative costs during disasters

The agency is not requiring that established targets for reducing administrative costs during disasters be met, congressional investigators said in Dec. 17 report.

The root cause of public assistance grant contract audits: Lack of FEMA personnel contract compliance training

The promise of post-disaster federal assistance for rebuilding infrastructure often transmutes years later into a federal audit demanding repayment on the grounds that the construction contracts were improperly let.

2015 Budget Request: Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Federal Emergency Management Agency would receive $10.38 billion under President Obama's fiscal 2015 budget, up from $9.96 billion enacted for this year.

'Resilience gap' has long-term disruption potential

The United States faces a "resilience gap" with the potential to disrupt the American economy with long-term consequences, an insurance firm official, who also urged Congress to prioritize investments in resilience over disaster response, told a Senate panel Feb. 12. "Should resilience be prioritized over other disaster response costs? Absolutely," said Lindene Patton, chief climate product officer for Zurich Financial Services.

Major disasters were near average in 2013

It was nearly an average year for presidentially declared major disasters in 2013, shows data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Omnibus funds record number of Border Patrol agents, ICE detention beds

As a result of  omnibus appropriations  legislation funding federal agencies through September, Customs and Border Protection will have a record level of agents and officers and Immigration and Customs Enforcement will have the highest detention capacity in history. The House approved the $1.02 trillion funding measure by a  vote  of 359-67; the bill is expected to pass the Senate.

FEMA's Fugate lauds debris removal pilot

New authorities granted the Federal Emergency Management Agency by the Sandy recovery funding law have improved post-disaster debris removal, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate told a Nov. 6 Senate panel.

DHS approps slightly higher under Senate committee than House

The Senate committee marked up its appropriations bill July 18, approving $39.1 billion for discretionary spending against the House's $38.99 billion. Neither amount includes disaster relief category spending (the same in both versions, at $5.62 billion), or Coast Guard overseas contingency spending.

No two week training for FEMA reservists yet

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has yet to implement training for its reservist workforce that doesn't occur at the time of deployment, the Government Accountability Office says.  Lack of advance training has been a long-standing complaint among reservists, but "the new program is not yet fully implemented, pending funding availability," the report says. Sequestration cut the fund by approximately $1 billion.