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Latest Headlines

GAO: State Dept. should assess countering extremist violence program to gauge impact

Such an evaluation would help the department's counterterrorism bureau ensure accountability, better measure the program's impact and effectiveness, and shape future programming decisions, but it's been postponed since 2012.

State Dept. Counterterrorism Bureau and counterterrorism-training office at loggerheads

In broad terms, the State Department Counterterrorism Bureau is supposed to provide policy guidance while the separate antiterrorism assistance office is meant to translate that into specific antiterrorism training courses. "In actual fact, however, the relationship is much more complicated," auditors say.

Counter-extremism requires hyper-local intervention, says Rosen

The central core of al Qaeda is on a "path of decline that we think will be difficult to reverse," said a State Department official while speaking Feb. 3 during an event put on by the Potomac

State Dept. establishes Counterterrorism Bureau

The State Department announced Jan. 4 creation of a Counterterrorism Bureau, although its new head, Ambassador Daniel Benjamin, says it will mostly engage in tasks the department already performs. In