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Latest Headlines

Lawmakers: DoD, HHS bioterror programs redundant

Last October, the DoD began construction of a 30 acre complex for medical countermeasure manufacturing in Alachua, Fla., near Gainesville. It expects to complete the facility by the end of fiscal 2015.  But HHS already runs three manufacturing facilities for medical countermeasures, which are vaccines and medicines for possible pandemics or bioterror attacks.

Teen tweet on terrorist threat results in arrest

Dutch police today arrested a teenager after she tweeted on Sunday a terrorist threat to American Airlines in what she quickly said was a joke.

OIGs: No need for major changes after Boston Marathon bombing

A review of the federal government's intelligence on Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Marathon bombers, says there is no need for significant changes to how counterterrorism agencies handle and share information.

CFATS legislation advances to full House Homeland Security Committee

Legislation authorizing for three years the Homeland Security Department's dangerous chemical substance regulation program is now set to face the full House Homeland Security Committee following a Thursday vote.

Muslim group issues detailed guide to intervene before violence

An extensive guide for thwarting violent extremism in the Muslim community calls for intervention in the lives of those who appear headed toward violence and, if that fails, ejection from the community. The Muslim Public Affairs Council, a Los Angeles-based advocacy group, published the 139-page  guide.

Tsarnaev never pulled for secondary inspection despite TECS notices

A misspelling of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's last name and entry of an incorrect birthdate into a federal database contributed to the future Boston Marathon bomber easily passing through U.S. airport security when on a 2012 trip to Caucasus region.

Terrorist watchlist process 'could easily be shortened,' OIG says

The FBI allows its agents too much time to place individuals on the terrorist watchlist, the Justice Department office of inspector general says.  In a partly redacted March 25  report  (.pdf), auditors say the three-plus weeks that the process can take is "unnecessarily long" and "could easily be shortened."

Terrorists eschew virtual currencies for now

Virtual currencies have the potential for widespread use by terrorists, but so far the limited scale of their real world adoption means it remains unrealized, said a senior anti-money laundering Treasury Department official.

Airlines warned of possible shoe bombs

The Homeland Security Department warned airlines Wednesday about the potential of a new shoe bomb threat, according to multiple news outlets.

Study: Al Qaeda's innovation was largely bottom-up

Innovative middle managers were as crucial as Osama bin Laden to the novelty and success of the 9/11 attacks, a study published in the journal  Security Studies  says.