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Latest Headlines

Obama asks Congress for $3.7B to deal with thousands of child migrants in southwest border

President Barack Obama is seeking $3.7 billion in emergency appropriations from Congress to help deal with the thousands of unaccompanied children crossing the southwest border.

FAA 'significantly' behind in integrating unmanned aircraft safely into nation's airspace, IG says

The FAA is facing major technological, regulatory and management barriers and until they're addressed, integration of drones or unmanned aircraft systems for civilian and law enforcement purposes will be slow and risky, the IG's report (pdf) said.

FTC asks Congress to make data brokerage more transparent

The Federal Trade Commission wants Congress to consider legislation that would rein in data brokers – requiring them provide more information to consumers on their operations and reasonable access to the data collected about individuals.

Rockefeller: Zukunft will whiz through confirmation to be next Coast Guard commandant

Vice Adm. Paul Zukunft kept his expression even and his tone modulated, humble – but Tuesday's confirmation hearing for the position of the next Coast Guard commandant still ended with the 37-year service veteran aglow from approbation. "I think you'll be a whiz right through here, you'll be out of here before you know it," promised Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.)

Coast Guard authorization bill sent to Senate

A bill authorizing Coast Guard discretionary spending for two years at $8.7 billion annually sailed through the House of Representatives – to the chagrin of some on the House Homeland Security Committee.

CFATS legislation advances to full House Homeland Security Committee

Legislation authorizing for three years the Homeland Security Department's dangerous chemical substance regulation program is now set to face the full House Homeland Security Committee following a Thursday vote.

Study: Donors more likely to land meetings with lawmakers

Constituents who referred to themselves as donors were more likely to secure meetings with members of Congress or their chiefs of staff, finds a new study. A member of Congress or chief of staff met with the constituents in 12.5 percent of the cases where the emails called the constituents "donors," compared to just 2.4 percent when the emails did not.

House bill summaries now available in XML

House of Representatives bill summaries are now available in XML format for bulk data download through the Government Printing Office's Federal Digital System, or  FDsys. While the bill summaries are prepared by the Congressional Research Service, within the Library of Congress, the GPO will add them to FDsys' Bulk Data repository, says a Feb. 4  announcement.

Proposed legislation would overhaul federal IT development

Draft legislation introduced Jan. 27 by Reps. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) and Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) would create a central office, within the White House, to review and guide agency information technology projects.

Congress again rejects National Preparedness Grant Program

Congressional appropriators again slapped down a Federal Emergency Management Agency attempt to consolidate 16 of its grant programs into a single program known as the National Preparedness Grant Program – but state and local grants appropriations overall are robust.