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Latest Headlines

DHS not tracking employee usage of offline travel booking, possibly incurring greater fees, IG says

The web-based system is much cheaper than the making reservations by phone. Online fees cost about $7 to $10, while doing it offline costs about $30 to $37, or more than three times the cost.

Think tank outlines 12 areas where Congress can help accelerate data innovation, benefit public

The Center for Data Innovation report said Congress can help shape data usage to boost economic growth and benefit the public through improved transparency or more efficient healthcare.

Are tech, other assets paying off in securing borders? Watchdog says DHS needs to review the data

The department could do a better job of collecting data and developing measures and metrics to assess what they're getting out of investments.

IG: DHS should assess prosecutorial discretion use in immigration actions to plan future policy

Prosecutorial discretion provides DHS immigration enforcement agencies greater authority in deciding how far they want to enforce the law against a specific person so they can better prioritize their limited resources.

DHS IG finds major problem with CBP process that provides refunds to importers

The Homeland Security Department's inspector general designated the matter as a "material weakness," meaning it's a major problem with the agency's internal controls.

GAO: Most of DHS's major acquisition projects at risk for missed schedules, higher costs

Of those 22, 14 programs had schedule slips, and half of those also experienced cost increases and the estimated lifecycle cost of these programs also rose by $9.7 billion, or 18 percent. 

CBP officers at Houston seaport need to better document waivers of high-risk cargo inspections

In reviewing 382 medium- to high-risk shipments from fiscal years 2011 to 2013, the DHS inspector general said Customs and Border Protection officers conducted the required reviews of such shipments, but could improve the documentation of waivers and exceptions to required inspections of such shipments.

DHS IG confirms whistleblower allegations that some border patrol agents abused overtime pay

Through four separate reports, the Homeland Security Department's watchdog said it's confirmed allegations from whistleblowers about widespread misuse of "administratively uncontrollable overtime" by some U.S. border patrol agents.

CBP, ICE still face radio communications challenges along southwest border, GAO says

Agencies in the Homeland Security Department have been trying establish interoperable radio communications along the southwest border, but they've fallen short of testing and managing such initiatives as well as getting users better trained on the upgraded systems.

US, Canada announce new agreement to boost preclearance inspections of travelers

Canadian and U.S. government officials announced March 16 a new agreement that allows federal agencies to conduct immigration, customs and agriculture inspections in each other's countries while facilitating travel.