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Latest Headlines

2014 Budget Request: DHS IT

The fiscal 2014 budget proposal the Obama administration sent to Congress on April 10 carries mixed results for major Homeland Security Department information technology efforts. Total funding for the DHS office of the chief information officer would go down by 1.2 percent when taking into account Office of Management and Budget-projected inflation.

Integrated fixed tower procurement runs late

Evaluation by Customs and Border Protection of industry proposals in response to its integrated fixed tower procurement is taking longer than expected, CBP acknowledged earlier this month.

CBP releases integrated fixed tower solicitation

An internal document obtained by  FierceHomelandSecurity  shows that officials at one point considered utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles as a substitute for integrated fixed towers.

CBP moves forward with border tower procurement even as S&T says sensors need research

Customs and Border Protection says existing technology is sufficiently advanced for it to mount a new attempt to deploy a tower-based anti-border crossing network of sensors along Arizona's southern

Congress funds CBP with $10.15B in appropriations

Customs and Border Protection would be able to spend $11.65 billion in the current fiscal year, $10.15 billion of that in direct appropriations, under an appropriations bill approved by the House and

CBP finalizing southwest border technology asset mix, Borkowski says

Customs and Border Protection will finalize over the next 10 months the mixture of assets it intends to deploy along the southwestern border, a top CBP official told a Nov. 15 House panel. CBP has

CBP cost estimate for Arizona Border Surveillance Technology uncertain, says GAO

Customs and Border Protection may be duplicating the similar cost-estimating errors in a $1.5 billion effort to deploy technology along the southern Arizona border as it did in SBInet, the now-

House debates DHS fiscal 2012 appropriations; IT programs cut

The Homeland Security Department's appropriations for the coming fiscal year could be reduced--in many cases significantly--under the House Appropriations Committee's markup of the department's

ASBT not unlike SBInet

Customs and Border Protection plans for a successor to the canceled SBInet effort in Arizona are proceeding without a clear basis for deploying the chosen mix of technology, says the Government