Coast Guard makes plea for more boats to combat drug trafficking off US southern coast

The service is the nation's foremost defense against cocaine, but about half of the Coast Guard's high-confidence intelligence drug trafficking cases in the Caribbean cannot be acted on because it doesn't have enough ships there.

With Earth Day nearing, Obama calls climate change biggest threat to planet

With 2014 as the warmest year on record and 14 of the 15 hottest years on record in the 21st Century, Obama said there will be stronger storms, longer droughts and more wildfires, among other implications.

ICE could have saved up to $40M by improving detainee air transport program, DHS audit finds

ICE Air Operations, which is responsible for transporting detainees within the United States or returning them to their countries of origin, does not collect data that could help it better support operational decisions and improve program effectiveness.

Secret Service making moves to 'combat' personnel misconduct, DHS IG tells lawmakers

However, John Roth says there's a feeling among Secret Service officers that they can't report such misconduct to superiors because they fear retaliation, which is a serious problem.

DHS officials: CDM, Einstein programs will improve federal cyber defenses in next 2 years

Both programs provide a basic level of security across the federal government regardless of an agency's cybersecurity skill set or resources at a given moment.

Justice Department revises procedures for individuals on no-fly list seeking redress

The changes reflect the legal pressure brought about by a 2010 lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of 13 Americans, who challenged their inclusion on the list.

Study: Evacuation for thousands of coastal residents hindered if tsunami hits Pacific Northwest

The study examined 49 cities, seven tribal reservations and 17 counties threatened by tsunami waves triggered by a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. It looked at the size of the population and businesses in those communities, demographics and evacuation time by foot.

Personal info of DHS, FBI and other fed officials posted online by right-wing group, CBS reports

Home addresses of senior and former officials of the Homeland Security Department, FBI and other agencies were posted online allegedly by an unidentified right-wing extremist group, the news organization reported April 15.

USGS highlights growing wildfire risk in Wyoming

Scientists predict climate change will make southwestern Wyoming increasingly vulnerable to wildfire and directly impact plant and animal life in the region, finds a new study by the United States Geological Survey.

Coast Guard must address crew rotation plan designed to improve cutters' performance, GAO says

While the Coast Guard has again delayed testing the feasibility of rotating crews with its new, advanced cutters to increase the ships' operational time at sea, it's implemented an interim plan that may not be as effective.

GAO: Better R&D process needed to bridge nuclear smuggling detection, interdiction gaps

Analysis found that DHS's Domestic Nuclear Detection Office has shortfalls in its documentation procedures, making it difficult to understand how well its R&D investments are addressing the gaps in the government's global nuclear detection architecture.

Little attention devoted to reducing fatalities of railroad trespassers, new CRS analysis shows

In 2014, there were 526 trespasser deaths, 419 trespasser injuries, 213 suicides and 40 injuries from suicide attempts on railroad property compared with just two deaths and 128 injuries from derailments and collisions.

Report: U.S. education about Islam lacking

As the values and beliefs of Islam have entered public debate in light of fears about terrorist attacks carried out by Muslim extremists, there's an imperative for public schools to better educate students about the religion, says a report from the Brookings Institution.

Drought in western U.S. sets up early wildfire season

The historic drought conditions in California are expected to lead to earlier wildfires this year, says a report from the National Interagency Fire Center.

On Mexico's other border, trade and travel largely uncontrolled

Conditions at Mexico's southern border show little to suggest that Mexico and Guatemala have enough capacity for or interest in building the kind of strict controls seen at Mexico's northern border, a new report indicates.

IG: Coast Guard taking steps to reduce insider threats, but more needs to be done

Although the Coast Guard has taken steps to reduce insider threats, there's still more to do, including training Coast Guard employees about insider threat awareness, says a March 27 Homeland Security Department inspector general report.

Expansive global project will study how tropical forests respond to climate change

The project called the Next Generation Ecosystem Experiments-Tropics seeks to develop a more-detailed model showing how tropical forests interact with the climate.

HHS funds advanced development of Ebola treatment with eye toward mass production

The drug is one of several that the federal government is helping to develop since the massive outbreak last year in West Africa. As of April 2, there have been nearly 10,500 deaths out of 25,000 suspected, probable and confirmed cases, according to the CDC.

US counterterrorism experts say holistic strategy needed to target both Islamic State, al-Qaeda

While the U.S. and allies are currently focusing on the imminent terrorist threat from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, they should continue to focus on al-Qaeda even though its leader Ayman al Zawahiri has been quiet for months.

Appeals court: Immigrant tortured in Mexico wrongly deported

A federal appeals court ruled that a Mexican immigrant was wrongly deported after he failed to prove that he couldn't escape torture by relocating to another part of Mexico. Instead, whether or not internal relocation is an option should be just one factor weighed in determining whether the person is likely to be tortured, the ruling says.