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Report: Explosion of electric grid-connected devices will complicate security

The proliferation of smart-grid technology and the integration of more devices into the electric grid system will only add to the complex security matters facing the grid in the United States, says a report from the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress.

Trio of Democrats urges DHS watchdog to investigate Motorola practices

Three top House Democrats are urging the Homeland Security Department inspector general to investigate questionable tactics by Motorola related to sales of public safety communications equipment to government agencies.

Cities, feds grapple with inadequate border-crossing infrastructure

Port of entry infrastructure along the U.S. borders has struggled to keep up with the needs of cross-border trade and travelers, lawmakers and federal officials testing during a House hearing.

Terrorism analyst: Lone-wolf narrative overstated

Intelligence agencies and analysts have far overestimated the threat posed by so-called "lone wolf" terrorists, a prominent Spanish terrorism analyst said July 15 during a talk at the Brookings Institution.

Texas wants $500M reimbursement from federal government for border security

Texas Gov. Rick Perry asked the federal government to reimburse his state for a decade of contributions to border security during a House hearing July 3.

DHS inspector general revises two reports tied to Edwards scandal

Two reports that the Homeland Security Department office of inspector general removed from its website following alleged misconduct by the office's now-former leader have undergone slight modifications. Charles Edwards, the former acting inspector general at DHS, resigned in December amid numerous allegations of misconduct during his nearly three years leading the OIG

DoD: Budget constraints mean military "will accept risk" in countering WMDs

The new Defense Department strategy for countering weapons of mass destruction reflects how even the military's most critical missions are subject to the realities of an era of limited budgets. The strategy, released June 30, replaces a counter-WMD strategy that the department published eight years ago.

Federal court: Mexican boy killed by Border Patrol had Fifth Amendment rights

Overturning a lower court's decision, a federal appeals court ruled that a Mexican boy killed by a Border Patrol agent may have had his Fifth Amendment rights violated, even though he was shot in Mexico and was not a U.S. citizen.

Texas steps up border enforcement, DHS boosts capacity to process immigrants

With federal authorities overwhelmed by the thousands of unaccompanied minors crossing the southwestern border, Texas has decided to add to the law enforcement presence along its border with Mexico.

Federal judge strikes down parts of Utah immigration law

A federal district court judge in Utah has struck down several provisions from an immigration law that the state passed three years ago.