Proposal to Hurricane Sandy victims from FEMA, insurers draws condemnation from judges

A panel of federal magistrate judges overseeing Hurricane Sandy insurance disputes slammed a confidentiality agreement from insurance carriers that would have required homeowners to stop cooperating with state and federal probes into fraud allegations in exchange for a settlement, the International Business Times reported Feb. 25.

Pew: Americans increasingly favor US military action, ground troops against Islamic State

Pew found that 63 percent of the U.S. public now approves of a military campaign against the Islamic State, while 30 percent disapproves. Last October, 57 percent approved while 33 percent disapproved.


Helping communities deal with climate change is major focus in '16 budget, says OMB official

The White House is increasing investments to help communities improve their preparedeness and resilience to the effects of climate change in the proposed fiscal 2016 budget.

Clock ticks for Congress to pass full DHS budget; Johnson warns of impacts to department

The Senate Feb. 26 is poised to pass a clean bill that it advanced the day before by a 98-2 vote. It fully funds DHS, which has been operating on a continuing resolution for fiscal 2015. That resolution expires on Feb. 27 at 11:59 p.m. 

New bill would provide wildfire victims access to same resources as other natural disaster victims

Such funds can be used to mitigate the effects of wildfires such as flooding and mudslides as well as prevent future fires. For every dollar spent on mitigation, Americans save $4 in future disaster costs.


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Reporting on the Internal Revenue Service's information technology investments is unreliable in terms of cost, schedule and scope of performance, says the Government Accountability Office.


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working to shine light into the "dark Web" – the intentionally hidden portion of the World Wide Web which often provides those exchanging information with anonymity and encryption that deters monitoring.