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DHS developing 3-D, real-time X-ray scanning rover to help first responders detect IEDs

The Science and Technology Directorate said that its integrating the detection technology into existing, commercially available midsize robots widely used by civilian bomb squads, by mounting the X-ray generator onto a robotic arm's sensor-tool bracket.

New HHS system unveiled to help communities better prepare for impacts from disasters

The department's Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response developed the system with a network of experts across the country to help those responsible for preparing for public health and healthcare system emergencies.

New survey shows 'overwhelming' global warming consensus among nonclimate scientists

The survey found that over 90 percent of nearly 700 nonclimate scientists believe in global warming through human induced activities – the first time such a consensus has gone beyond just climate scientists.

Expert: Highly effective Islamic State's digital messages inspired by modern popular culture

Deeply adept at using digital communication tools to spread its terrorist messages, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is not just "socializing terror" through public opinion but also "making terror popular, desirable, and imitable," an expert said.

State Department's proposed diplomatic security facility meets needed criteria, GAO says

While a State Department plan for a diplomatic security training facility is expected to cost more than $140 million more than an alternative proposal, congressional investigators recently concluded that it was the better of the two options because it met four needed critical elements.


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