Food insecurity rising due to extreme weather events from climate change, new report says

Analyzing climate and crop models, the task force found that what would have been called a 1-in-100 year event from 1951 to 2010 may become a 1-in-30 year event before the middle of the century.

Projects worth $18M awarded to research how infectious diseases arise from human impacts

The program funds projects that permit scientists to study the impact of large-scale environmental events such as the destruction of habitats, invasions of non-native species, and spread of pollution on viral, parasitic and bacterial diseases in humans and animals.

DHS revising grant guidance to mandate communications equipment be interoperable

The inspector general said in a audit that grant guidance issued by the Office of Emergency Communications and the Federal Emergency Management Agency "does not prevent grantees from purchasing non-interoperable equipment."

Power outages longer each year for customers, linked to severe weather, new study finds

While the frequency of U.S. power outages has been unchanged in recent years, the total number of minutes that customers have been without electricity has increased every year, mainly due to extreme weather.

Contributions, reporting 'sporadic' in first year of broad coalition effort to fight the Islamic State

Almost one year ago, President Obama announced some 60 nations and partner organizations formed a coalition to "degrade and ultimately defeat" the Islamic State. But the Congressional Research Service pointed out in a new report that members' contributions have varied widely and fewer than half are active in the military effort against the terrorist group.


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The completion of the 57 data standards is designed to help agencies report financial information in a "clear and consistent" manner on and improve transparency and accountability to the public.


The Internal Revenue Service could better protect the rights of taxpayers who had property seized due to delinquent taxes, according to a recently released Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report.