Pacific Northwest prepares for earthquakes, tsunamis with help from UW scientists

Scientists at the University of Washington are helping prepare the Pacific Northwest for earthquakes and resulting tsunamis, including the development of the first tsunami evacuation structure in the United States and a prototype earthquake early warning system.

CBP needs to enhance oversight of high-risk maritime shipments coming to US, GAO says

According to CBP policy, high-risk shipments should be scanned with radiation detection and nonintrusive inspection equipment. However, CBP agents can waive that examination if the shipment meets a "standard exception" or "articulable reason."

DHS can make significant reforms by looking at past Pentagon history, RAND analyst says

The Goldwater-Nichols Act, also known as the Department of Defense Reorganization Act, implemented "thoughtful, serious and reasoned reforms" at the Pentagon and similar legislation can help reform and improve DHS management and operational activities, wites Daniel M. Gerstein.

Number of foreign fighters in Syria/Iraq conflict eclipses 20,000, says London-based think tank

ICSR estimated that the number of foreign fighters from 14 countries in Western Europe has increased to 4,000, double what it was in December 2013. However, the Middle East – including Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Morocco, among others – remains the "dominant source" of foreign fighters with 11,000.

NNSA should remain within Energy Department despite overlap with other agencies, says panel

As National Nuclear Security Administration laboratories shift away from a focus on nuclear projects and undertake more assignments from other agencies to address broader national security concerns, a larger debate over their governance has also emerged.


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The Interior Department, State Department and Education Department all fail to communicate in plain language with the public, while all other agencies generally communicated well with the public, says Center for Plain Language in its annual report card.


This week, Minneapolis became the latest major city to offer compostable waste pickup as part of municipal garbage collection.